フローラル植物公園Floralis Generalis

Photo: Celeste Najt

Photo: Celeste Najt

The Recoleta area is the key point in Buenos Aires weekend life. A thousand people of all ages gather at Plaza Francia to walk around the fair and buy handcrafts国立美術館裏の大通りへ行くと、そこには「フローラリス・ジェネラリス」と呼ばれる花の形をしたモニュメントが佇んでいる。建築家エデュアルド・カタラノにより設計されたこのモニュメントは、昼間には花弁が開き、夜になると閉じるよう設計されている。





Floralis Generalis
住所:Av. Presidente Figuroa Alcorta, Recoleta, Buenos Aires

Text and photo: Celeste Najt
Translation: Yuki Mine
or simply watch the shows offered by youths all over the park. In addition, two of the most important art centres in the city are just a few steps away from the handcrafts fair: Recoleta Cultural Centre and the National Museum of Fine Arts.

Behind the National Museum of Fine Arts, on Figueroa Alcorta Avenue, a surprise awaits. If it is a sunny day we shall see how the sun beams are reflected in the huge metallic surface inhabiting the United Nations Square. It is the Floralis Generalis, a monument in the shape of a flower designed by architect Eduardo Catalano.

The special feature of this monument is its mechanic system, which makes the petals open during the day and close at night. Made of aluminium and steel with a height of 23 metres and a weight of 18 tons, the flower closes each night and emanates a red light during the darkness cycle. It remains open only four nights in the year: May 25th — the day of the Argentinean Revolution in 1810 —, September 21st — the day Spring begins — and December 24th and 31st.

Floralis means it belongs to the flora, to flowers and Generalis (Generic) derives from the concept of “gender,” which means it represents all the flowers in the world. The Floralis Generalis must be visited not only for its impressive image, but also for its closeness to the different cultural attractions in the area.

Floralis Generalis
Address: Av. Presidente Figuroa Alcorta, Recoleta, Buenos Aires

Text and photo: Celeste Najt
Floralis Generalis
地址:Av. Presidente Figuroa Alcorta, Recoleta, Buenos Aires

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