デコラティブ・アート美術館The Decorative Art Museum

© Museo Nacional de Arte Decorativo

© Museo Nacional de Arte Decorativo

Libertador Avenue is one of the most beautiful avenues in Buenos Aires, chosen by many people to practice sports or take a walk in the open air. In addition, it is the route to be followed to see artリベルタドールアベニューはブエノスアイレスでも最も美しい通りの一つとされ、多くの人々が運動や散歩のためにこの通りを利用している。加えてリベルタドールアベニューはアート鑑賞のための通りでもある。この通り沿いにはレコレータ文化センターパレ・ド・グラス、そしてブエノスアイレス国立美術館がある。




Museo Nacional de Arte Decorativo
住所:1902 Av.del Libertador, Recoleta, Buenos Aires
TEL:+54 11 4801-8248 / 4802-6606 / 4806-8306

Text: Celeste Najt
Translation: Kazuyuki Yoshimura
: the Recoleta Cultural Centre, the Fine Arts Museum and the Palais de Glace are located along the avenue.

The Decorative Art Museum is also on this avenue. It is located in an impressive mansion of eclectic French style founded in 1937. Before becoming a museum, it was the residence of the family of Josefina de Alvear and her husband, Matías Errázuriz Ortúzar, who inhabited it as from 1918.

The museum art collection is a work of art in itself: furniture, decorative objects, jewellery, paintings, gold and silver work, eastern pieces and weapons. The distinguished selection is a product of a search conducted for years during trips to different places in the world made by the couple of art devotees who owned the house. But the most interesting fact is that the museum holds period pieces but also a space in which there are travelling exhibitions of artists and really interesting contemporary collections: Gerard Richter, Pierre Mendel, Finnish Desin from XX Century, Le Corbusier, etc.

The tour is completed by the beautiful gardens surrounding the museum, in which the restaurant Croque Madame is located. Faithful to its French style it offers delicious dishes and desserts as well as the possibility of contemplating the architecture of the museum and the revitalizing greenery of the parks so characteristic of Libertador Avenue. Do not miss this museum, where the reasons to be delighted abound.

Museo Nacional de Arte Decorativo
Address: 1902 Av.del Libertador, Recoleta, Buenos Aires
Opening Hours: 14:00 – 19:00 (Closed on Monday)
Tel: +54 11 4801-8248 / 4802-6606 / 4806-8306

Text: Celeste Najt

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