レコレータ墓地Recoleta Cemetery

Recoleta Cemetery is the most important cultural heritage of Recoleta, known as an upscale district of Buenos Aires. It is located next to Plaza Francia where the market is held over the weekendブエノスアイレスの高級街として知られるレコレータ地区の最も重要な文化財となっているのがこのレコレータ墓地。週末にマーケットが開かれるフランス広場の周辺には、このレコレータ墓地はもちろんのこと、アートの発信地であるレコレータ文化センターパレ・ド・グラス、リベルタドール大通りを越えれば国立美術館と、多くの魅力的スポットが満載。



Recoleta Cemetery
住所:Junin 1760, Recoleta, Buenos Aires

Text: Mami Goda
, and around which there are Recoleta Cultural Center, the Palais de Glace, etc. Acrossing the Libertador avenue, you can get to the National Museum. Lots of cultural attractions are packed in this zone.

The superficie of the Recoleta cemetery takes up around four blocks on site. The cemetery was built in 1822, and it contains about 5000 sepulchers tightly built side by side, which seems an huge maze. The sepulchers are decorated with massive sculptures of the classisism style from 19th century. If you take a look one by one, it should take at least two hours. Some sepulchers are also decorated with rich stained glass windows and decorative iron.

Many famous people are sleeping in Recoleta Cemetery such as previous presidents, poets and writers and other important cultural figures. Among all of the sepulchers, there is one tomb always richly covered by many flowers; the Evita’s one. It would be interesting to try to find it without looking at the map. One of the other charms of the cemetery is to meet stray cats living in the cemetery during your excursion. Please try to spend leisurely moments away from the urban rhythms of the day.

Recoleta Cemetery
Address: Junin 1760, Recoleta, Buenos Aires
Open Hours: 7:00 – 17:45

Text: Mami Goda

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