ヘルムート・ニュートン財団Helmut Newton Foundation

© Stephan Müller

© Stephan Müller

Berlin-born Helmut Newton is one of the most recognised international photographers who began his career in the early 1970’s, and became one of the world’s leading fashion photographersベルリンで生まれ1970年代に写真家としてのキャリアをスタート、その後最も有名なファッション写真家の一人となったヘルムート・ニュートンは、世界中で最もよく知られている写真家の一人といえよう





ギャラリースペースでは彼の代表的で良く知られている作品をめずらしい未公開の写真とともに公開している。また2003年には財団が世間に開かれた機関になるようにとヘルムートが大量の写真を寄付している。 財団を訪れることは写真の歴史を変えたヘルムートニュートンという人物が垣間見えるすばらしい機会になるはずである。

住所: Jebenstrasse 2, 10623 Berlin
TEL:+49 30 3186 4856

Text: Joanna Kawecki
Translation: Shinfuku Yuji

Even for Berlin residents, the Helmut Newton Foundation is a well-frequented gallery space for photographers and creatives alike, housing a permanent collection of the photographers’ works and personal artefacts. Located in a beautiful and light-filled building in Berlin-Charlottenburg, what in fact, was previously a former military casino that holds unimaginable heritage and history.

The Foundation presents Helmut Newton’s main body of works that he produced over his lifetime and career, including film footage from personal archives. Over 3 encompassing levels, you are taken through his incredible life and accompanying films and photographs.

Helmut led an incredible life. During his younger years in Berlin he assisted portrait, nude and fashion photographer Else Simon, and his own unique style led to a longterm working relationship with Vogue; French, Australian and US. Although Berlin-born, Newton also spent many years of his life in Australia, Monaco, New York and Los Angeles. He became an Australian Citizen after serving 5 years in the Australian Army, and it was in Australia that he met his wife June, an equally recognised model who began her photographic career on an occasion where Helmut was ill, under the alias ‘Alice Springs’.

Helmut was renowned for popularising the instant polaroid photograph and his extensive portraiture work, notably highlighting females in a male-dominated generation. His unique style of unconventional concepts questioned traditional bounds during his period, with erotically charged and provocative imagery. Such props that assisted in his provocative photographs, are found at the Foundation including his vast range of his cameras and even original personal outfit ensembles.

The gallery space showcases his most iconic and recognisable pieces, alongside some rare and unseen works. In 2003, Helmut donated the vast range of photographs and insisted the Foundation be a “living institution”. It is a rare and unique glimpse at the man, the husband, and the photographer who changed the history of photography.

Helmut Newton Foundation
Address: Jebenstrasse 2, 10623 Berlin
Opening Hours: 10:00 – 18:00 (Thursday till 22:00)
Closed on Monday
Tel: +49 30 3186 4856

Text: Joanna Kawecki

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