© Bäckerei Moabit

© Bäckerei Moabit

Moabit is an area of Berlin that could be easily labeled as “too far”. Well, that’s just a myth. Moabit is very easy to reach and is one of the few areas that keep the old Berliner day’s vibe, being combined with a bunch of new shops, mostly Turkish ベルリンのモアビットといえば「遠い」というイメージが強いようだが、そんなことはない。モアビットは簡単に行くことのできる古き良きベルリンの生活と立ち並ぶトルコ系ショップを堪能できる数少ない場所だ





住所:Gotzkowskystraße 33, 10555 Berlin
開廊時間:13:00~18:00 (金・土曜日、その他要予約)
TEL:+49 (0)30 3988 4412

Text: Celeste Najt
Translation: Hanae Kawai

In the middle of this charming mix, we found Bäckerei Moabit, a place that remains as an empty-antique bakery, with contemporary art exhibitions related to food.
In the entrance room, empty old wooden cabinets, white walls, and art, give the first impression to the viewer.

‘The proposal is atypical. Of course you will find some unavoidable items, which art cannot live with –white walls, clean space, minimal aesthetic – but there is something else, something mysterious in the way the artworks inhabit the gallery space. One example is what the artist Erik Steinbrecher did in the long hallway, which connects the different rooms: he placed a giant inflatable hot dog, making the circulation impossible. Other exhibitions were less risky, but still interesting,

They make around 3 exhibitions per year, and in all of them the focus is food. The gallerist are interested in provide a different approach to the meaning of edible things.
Different artists have exhibited their work, so far: Dieter Froelich, Judith Samen, among others. The exhibitions usually combine irony, creativity, good taste and unexpectedness.

The gallery is open every Friday and Saturday. Don’t miss the chance to make a tour to Moabit because of the area in itself but mostly because of the nice trip you will be making once you get into the Backerei Universe.

Address: Gotzkowskystraße 33, 10555 Berlin
Opening Hours: 13:00 – 18:00 (Friday, Saturday, and by appointment.)
Tel: +49 (0)30 3988 4412

Text: Celeste Najt

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