Party: With weather fit for a party Hamburg, had a glorious one for the annual Hafengeburtstag (Harbor Birthday). Held from 7th through the 9th of May the annual festival saw the return of the ferris wheel and many stages full of live entertainment. The “dance of the ships” and the closed-off street by the harbor saw tons of food and activities to do. By the Amphore Cafe was a drum’n’bass area consisting of a DJ and some speaker on top of a cargo container box. If you ventured closer to the water you entered the area of pop songs and ferris wheels. This is where crowds of people mingled with smell of cooking bratwursts and other quick-fix edibles.

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Culture: Blood and Glamour -Weegees New York in the Deichtorhallen
Until 5. September, Tues.-Sun. 11-18

Photography: Andy-Warhol-Exhibition in the Galerie the Gegenwart
Date : From 22. August, Tues.-Sun. 10-18, Thurs. 10-21 o’clock, Glockengiesserwall

Text and Photo: Jeremy Tai from FORK Unstable Media

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