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© Steep Slope Studio

© Steep Slope Studio

Steep Slope Studio is located at the middest of a slope, five minutes walk from Hinode-cho Station and ten minutes walk from Sakuragi-cho Station. The studio that tells us that we will be walking up a hill日ノ出町駅から徒歩5分、桜木町駅から徒歩10分、坂の途中にある「急な坂スタジオ」。 急な坂を上る事を名前で教えてくれる、そんな親切なスタジオは親切なだけでなく、制作のエネルギーで満ちあふれた舞台芸術の稽古場。目をひく名前の由来は、急な坂の途中にある事に因み、スタジオのレジデントアーティスト・岡田利規(おかだとしき)氏のアイディアにより付けられたもの。そのフランクな名前には「人が気楽に通える様な場所にしたい」というスタジオディレクターの気持ちが込められている。

急な坂スタジオは2006年にオープン。元結婚式場だった建物を創造界隈形成事業の一環として、横浜市とNPO法人アートプラットフォームが改装、管理、運営している。スタジオを利用するのは若い芸術家やダンサーなどの舞台芸術家。レジデンスプログラムもあり国内/海外からのアーティストがスタジオを訪れる。 近くのホテルやアパートで共同生活をしたり、短期で共同制作をしたりと自由な芸術活動の場となっている。



また、建物の結婚式場の面影や横浜国立大学 建築学科の学生により手がけられた改装も見所。

住所:横浜市西区老松町26-1 旧老松会館
開館時間:10:00~22:00(受付時間 10:00~18:00)
TEL: 045-250-5388

Text: Meiko Maruyama
, from its name, is not only nice but filled with energy. Their focus is on performing arts. The name with uniqueness and friendliness reflects the director’s will of wanting to have it as a place where people can access anytime and feel familiar with. The idea of the name, Steep Slope Studio, was given by their resident artist, Toshiki Okada. 

The studio opened in the year 2006 through a project ‘Formation of Creative Core Areas’ by City of Yokohama. The building was once a ceremony hall for a wedding, renovated and currently managed by City of Yokohama and Arts Platform (NPO).  

Many young artists including performance artists and dancers visit the studio. Artist in residence program provided is one of the reasons that attract artists from different locations in Japan and overseas. They offer sharing of hotel or apartment near the studio and short-term collaboration project between the artists. 

Events and works they show are also unique. One of the examples is a play that were performed in an izakaya (Japanese drinking establishment) in Noge-cho, located at the foot of the hill. Another example is dances and plays held every year in a zoo (their neighborhood zoo called Nogeyama Zoo) after its closing time. The idea of seeing the location or the city they live in as a theatre is the source of their distinctive projects. 

If requested, the studio is open for a tour. You can also talk to the stage directors from different performances. ‘They have no problem being seen during their rehearsals’ says the director of the studio as she showed us around the studio filled with welcoming attitude including a white board at the lobby gently listing companies and artists that are rehearsing. Besides lumbers and tools placed disorderly, a lounge for the artists located near the entrance gives us a thrill when we will run across the artists. The studio brings performing arts and our life closer. 

In addition, the leftover spots of the former Japanese-styled ceremony hall and designed renovation by an architecture student from Yokohama National University are must -sees.

Steep Slope Studio
Address: 26-1 Oimatsu-cho, Nishi-ku, Yokohama
Opening Hours: 10:00-22:00
Tel: 045-250-5388

Text: Meiko Maruyama

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