© SPIRAL/Wacoal Art Center, Photo: Katsuhiro Ichikawa

© SPIRAL/Wacoal Art Center, Photo: Katsuhiro Ichikawa

The year 2009 was the 150th anniversary of the port opening in Yokohama. In such occasion, ZOU-NO-HANA Park was established in the area between the Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse district横浜港は、2009年で開港150周年を迎えた。そんな節目の年に誕生した象の鼻パークは、横浜の赤レンガ倉庫と山下公園の中間に位置する大さん橋国際客船ターミナルの付け根から象の鼻のように長くのびる防波堤と、その一帯の広場や公園を含む、もともと横浜港発祥の地として貿易で栄えたエリアで、横浜の新たなスポットとして生まれ変わった。その象の鼻の形をした堤防の対岸に位置する「開港の丘」の一角に新たな文化交易の拠点として生まれたのが象の鼻テラスだ。


このスペースには、もうひとつ常設作品がある。横浜の子供たちと、フィンランドから来日したアーティスト、カティア・トゥキアイネンが共同制作したスツールだ。色とりどりの座面のスツールは、象の鼻カフェのチェアとして実際に来場者が使用することができる。ミナ ペルホネンのデザイナー、皆川明によるカフェユニフォームを着用したスタッフが出迎えてくれるカフェでは、広々とした窓から外を眺めつつ、横浜産の野菜を使ったフードや、様々なドリンクを楽しむことができる。



Text: Mariko Takei
and Yamashita Park, consisting of a long and elephant’s nose-shaped breakwater (HANA means nose in Japanese) that stretched out from Osanbashi Yokohama International Passenger Terminal, as well as an open space and park in the area. As a birthplace of the port of Yokohama, the area originally thrived on trading. After 150 years passed, the area turned over new spot for traveller. From the edge of the elephant’s nose-shaped breakwater, you can see ZOU-NO-HANA Terrace located on the other side of the dyke, as a new cultural interaction hub.

Aiming to “become the central point of engaging, interacting and producing new culture”, ZOU-NO-HANA Terrace is an art space and cafe offering exciting art activities. As a place of “cultural interaction” that delivers new creation, the Terrace was launched with a permanent installation ‘Perry’, the symbol of ZOU-NO-HANA Terrace, which was created to celebrate the new start of the port of Yokohama in 2009. With long tusks, the elephant symbol is a work by Noboru Tsubaki, an internationally acclaimed artist who has participated in Venice Biennale 1993 and Yokohama Triennale 2001. Since its opening, the exhibit space has been showcasing various art events such as installation, dance, performance as well as seminars and workshops.

There is another permanent installation in the Terrace, that is stools made by children of Yokohama in collaboration with artist Katja Tukiainen from Finland. With colorfully painted various seats, these stools are actually used as the seating for visitors to ZOU-NO-HANA Cafe. The cafe uniform was designed by designer of mina perhonen, Akira Minagawa. At the cafe you can enjoy various meals made with locally grown vegetables and various drinks.

In addition to ZOU-NO-HANA Terrace in the Hill, ZOU-NO-HANA Park includes a new viewing spot Zounohana Breakwater, open space by the port Kaiko Hatoba (Open Port Wharf) and screen panels that encircles the wharf and terrace as monuments during the day and illuminated installation at night. You will fully enjoy this new touristic and artistic spot, when visiting Yokohama.

Address: 1 Kaigan-dori, Naka-ku, Yokohama
Opening Hours: 10:00 – 18:00
Tel: 045-661-0602

Text: Mariko Takei

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