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© Noge Hana*Hana

© Noge Hana*Hana

Opened in the Noge area in Yokohama in April 2009, Noge Hana*Hana is a multi-purpose art space which aims for a regional development under the support by Yokohama city government2009年4月にオープンした横浜市野毛地区を拠点にしているアートスペース「野毛Hana*Hana」は、地域の発展を目指ざし、街の人々と横浜市の協力のもと活動する複合文化施設。施設内には「メディアギルド」という共同オフィスがあり、現在7組のクリエイターやNPOが活動している。


住所:横浜市中区花咲町1丁目42-1 2F

Text: Mariko Takei
and people from the local community. In Noge Hana*Hana, there is a cooperative shared office called “Medua Guild” where is managed by 7 creators and NPO.

Noge Hana*Hana focuses on 4 activities. 3 of them includes renting 3 “Free Spaces” which could be used for exhibitions, events, performances, screenings and workshops, managing the share office Media Guild managed by 7 media creators and NPO, and holding photo exhibitions and events at the art NPO, exclusively for photography, The Dark Room International. The last purpose is to offer an place to foster people by holding an educational program Fashion Education that focuses on fashion, and launching Noge Film Media School NOGEDIA to foster talented people for film education that was established by Hana*Hana Education for aiming to foster creative people by multi educational programs. With these important 4 principles, Noge Hana*Hana has been an active place to promote the development of the Noge area and to generate new local culture.

Noge Hana*Hana
Address: 1-42-1 Hanasaki-cho, Naka-ku, Yokohama
Opening Hours: 10:00-22:00
Tel: 045-325-8123

Text: Mariko Takei
地址:横滨市中区花咲町1丁目42-1 2F

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