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© Kocksgatan 17

© Kocksgatan 17

“Herrekipering” is the claim that means “equipment for the gentlemen”. That´s what Kocksgatan 17 is about. In a city where people assume that there´s a budget for fashion and garments「Herrekipering」とは、「紳士になるための道具」という意味。そして、これこそまさに「コックスガタン17」のことだ。ただトレンドに従うのではなく、上品な気持ちやよりよい質感を求めて、ファッションや衣服にお金をかける人々がいる都市では、このような、ストックホルムの熱狂的な需要に対応できるような店が登場するのだ。本来のコンセプトを失わずに、現代の紳士描く。これが、最高級への新たな道なのだ。




Kocksgatan 17
住所:Kocksgatan 17, Södermalm, 11622 Stockholm
営業時間:11:30〜18:30, 土11:30〜17:00, 日12:00〜16:00
TEL:+46 (0)8 4081 5014

Text: Victor Moreno
Translation: Ayano Yamada
– and do not just follow any trend paths but as an state of mind on elegance and good touch- the store arises with an enthusiastic ambition of provide Stockholm´s needs in such a way. A profile of modern gentlemen without loosing the value of the real concept. New proposals for the classics !

The store is located in the charming island of Södermalm, which held the SoFo area and nightlife muscle of Stockholm. The interior design is a piece by the multidisciplinary studio Form Us With Love. A laid back and soft approach to an unreal world smothered in white. Few classic furniture elements combined over the neatly space.

The store stocks a delicatessen selection of local brands and from abroad too. If you are willing to find best currently Scandinavian brands for gentlemen you better stop by. From the more established Swedish brands such as Hope, J.Lindeberg or Resteröds to the new blood including Our Legacy, Sandqvist, etc. In the store you can also find danish Mads Nørgaard. Swedish brands are well known and acquired abroad. Stockholm´s currently scenario is strong enough and the up and coming brands start to make its hole in Europe and beyond.

Kocksgatan 17 is also a great opportunity in town to find selected lines and brands from France, U.K and U.S including Baracuta, Nom de guerre, New York hat co. Ralph Lauren, etc. A great labour. It couldn´t be in another way.

Kocksgatan 17
Address: Kocksgatan 17, Södermalm, 11622 Stockholm
Open: 11:30-18:30, Sat 11:30-17:00, Sun 12:00-16:00
Tel: +46 (0)8 4081 5014

Text: Victor Moreno
Kocksgatan 17
地址:Kocksgatan 17, Södermalm, 11622 Stockholm
时间:11:30-18:30, 星期六11:30-17:00, 星期日12:00-16:00
电话:+46 (0)8 4081 5014

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