小島歌織Kaori Kojima

Photo: minaco.

Photo: minaco.

コジコこと、小島歌織は、元ハモニカビルのメンバーで、現在北海道を拠点に活躍するグラフィックデザイナー。ポスターなど広告やロゴデザインを手掛けるなどビジュアルデザインの他Kaori Kojima aka KOJIKO is formally a member of “harmonica bldg.” and now a solo graphic designer based in Hokkaido.、写真家と組んでLOUDというユニットを結成し、彼女は詩を担当。言葉による表現も行う。ビジュアルと言葉、そのどちらの表現からも柔らかな時間を感じることができるだろう。




この数年で少しずつ盛り上がってきているのを感じます。最近では、SHIFTでもお馴染みの「キンプロ」や「ワビサビ 」をはじめ、国内外で注目されるアーティストが増えてきました。広告や街のアートにもアーティストが起用されはじめています。その影響もあってか、「モスリンケージ」や「キュレーター 」のような札幌のグラフィックシーン、アートシーンを中心とした情報を発信するサイトが生まれました。そのほかにもデザイナーズウィークやアートステージのようなイベントの開催などで大勢の人がデザイン・アートに親しめるきっかけができはじめています。環境が良くなってきたことは、とても嬉しいです。でも、同時に課題もあると思っています。その課題に立ち向かうならストイックな考えに絞りすぎず、メジャーな打ち出しがもっと必要なのかもしれません。



寿珈琲(住所:札幌市中央区南2条東1丁目 M’s二条横丁1F)

(住所:札幌市中央区南3条西6丁目和光ビル4F/17:00〜26:00 火曜日定休)





Text: Mariko Takei
She has been working on posters, ad visuals and logo designs, and besides those visual works, she makes poems under the name LOUD, a group established with a photographer. Her expression in both visuals and words will bring you a soft moment of the time.

Please introduce yourself.

Kaori Kojima. I was born in Tomakomai, Hokkaido and now lives in Sapporo. People often call me KOJIKO. I’m a graphic designer working at a design production, Onishi Advertising Office in Sapporo and also create own works.

What do you think about Sapporo’s graphic and art scene?

I feel it’s getting exciting little by little for these years. Recently there are increasing numbers of artists – like Kinpro and WABISABI – who gain people’s attention nationally and internationally. Artists are getting commissioned for advertising and art works by the local city. Influenced by that or not, there are other media appeared like mosslinkage and CURATOR, focusing on Sapporo’s graphic and scene. Besides that, there are started to have more opportunities to experience design and art in the city, such as art events like Designers Week and Sapporo Art Stage. I’m very happy about the fact that the context is getting better. But at the same time we have challenges as well. If I try to attempt the challenge, I might need to be more mainstream, not to be stoic too much.

Please tell us your favorite places in Sapporo.

I often use food as a motif for my work. It’s because I like to eat. Here I introduce 3 places of cafes and bars I like.

Kotobuki Coffee
A coffee shop located at the eastside of Sosei River, the east of the city centre. I often go to this place for coffee since the former coffee shop days. The coffee beans they use are roasted by themselves. I like the simple and careful manner of the shop. Please visit here if you come by near the place.

Bar Dahlia
You can enjoy meals and drinks in a cozy atmosphere. Recommend for the alcohole with wild yeast “Mashike Cidre” delivered from Mashikecho Hokkaido, with a master’s choice from the food menu. There will take place a theatrical performance from April 20th 2009 for 7 days. By appointment only for the performance viewing. (Contact:

I also like to go this place near Bar Dahlia. You can have own roasted coffee in the retro atmosphere. Various coffee menus are available. Good coffee in the comfortable place.

How do you spend in your free time?

I like to go a cafe, to shop, to watch movies.
Recently I enjoy learning to dress Kimono.

Kaori Kojima
A graphic designer whose works include visuals for posters, symbols, logos as well as writing poems. Lives and works in Sapporo.

Text: Mariko Takei

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