ジャパニーズ・ガーデンThe Japanese Garden of Buenos Aires

Photo: Celeste Najt

Photo: Celeste Najt

ブエノスアイレスの緑豊かなパレルモ地区に位置する「ジャパニーズ・ガーデン」。これは日本の現在の天皇陛下が1967年にアルゼンチンへ来た時に設立されたもので、80年代には、観光名所となりClose to the Palermo Lakes there is a magical place, a haven that leaves outside the hectic avenues in the area: The Japanese Gardens、池の大きな鯉に餌をあげるということが人気となった。

The Japanese Garden of Buenos Aires
住所:Figueroa Alcorta Av.and Casares Av., Recoleta, Buenos Aires
TEL:+54 11 4804 4922/9141

Text: Gisella Natalia Lifchitz
Translation: Naoko Fukushi
. As well as the huge gardens populated by exquisite plant species, there is a tea house and the Argentine-Japanese Cultural Foundation, whose main objectives are spreading the Culture of Japan and educating to care for the environment. In addition to enjoying the fresh air, resting under the shade of a tree and contemplating the fish in the small lakes in the garden, plenty of cultural activities related to the Japanese culture can be experienced here.

For instance, bonsai and greenhouse art, Japanese culinary arts, crafts — origami, sumi-e painting — and landscape gardening. There is a library in which meetings are held and literary workshops and readings take place.
Every year, different events are held here for which the gardens are specially prepared: The Spring Equinox (March 21st), Child’s Day (May 5th) or Tanabata, the celebration of a Chinese legend about the meeting of two stars (July 7th). These are a few samples of a long list. Consult the web page in order to make the most of the Japanese Gardens.

The Japanese Garden of Buenos Aires
Address: Figueroa Alcorta Av.and Casares Av., Recoleta, Buenos Aires
Open: Every day from 10:00-18:00
Tel: +54 11 4804 4922 / 9141

Text: Celeste Najt
Buenos Aires日本花园
地址:Figueroa Alcorta Av.and Casares Av., Recoleta, Buenos Aires
时间:10:00-18:00( 每周7天)
电话:+54 11 4804 4922/9141

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