ブエノスアイレス記念公園Memory Park

Over the impressive River Plate of the northern coastline of Buenos Aires, different coloured shapes and volumes stand out, calling the attention of passers-by. They are the sculptures of the Parque de la Memoria (Memory Park)リバープレート河に面するブエノスアイレスの北岸に、通行人たちの注目を集める様々な色や形態が並んでいる。「国家再編成プログラム」と呼ばれる軍事政権による国家テロの犠牲者を偲んで1998年に制作された公共空間「パーク・デ・ラ・メモリア」(記念公園)の彫刻群だ。




Memory Park
住所:Costanera Norte Ave. – 6745 Rafael Obligado St., Belgrano, Buenos Aires
TEL:+54 (11) 4787 0999/6937

Text: Celeste Najt
Translation: Memi Mizukami
, a public space created in the year 1998 to commemorate the victims of the military regime of state terrorism called Proceso de Reorganizacion Nacional (National Reorganization Process).

That process consisted in a civic-military dictatorship that ruled Argentina between 1976 and 1983 after a coup d’état that overthrew the constitutional government of president María Estela Martínez de Perón, establishing in its place a Military Junta presided by the chief commanders of the three Military Forces. This period is regarded as the bloodiest dictatorship in the history of Argentina and it was characterized by state terrorism, constant violation of human rights, forced disappearance and death of thousands of people. A long judicial and political path has led to the conviction of some of the people responsible in trials that are still going on. The initiative for the creation of the Parque de la Memoria was an idea of the human rights organizations.

The surface of the park is 14 hectares and it holds the Monument to the Victims of State Terrorism and several sculptures made by different artists. The monument consists of a path-ramp in the shape of a huge wound in the grass, located towards the river, with the names of each one of those who have disappeared or been murdered. The remaining sculptures are 18 and have been made by Roberto Aizenberg, Magdalena Abakanowicz, Germán Botero (aún no redactado), Nicolás Guagnini, Jenny Holzer, Dennis Oppenheim, Clorindo Testa, William Tucker among others.

The park offers a special walking tour in which we are invited to enjoy a panoramic view – provided by the beauty of the river and the art -, while reflecting with a commitment to memory on this historical event that has marked the history of Argentina.

Memory Park
Address: Costanera Norte Ave. – 6745 Rafael Obligado St., Belgrano, Buenos Aires
Tel: +54 (11) 4787 0999/6937

Text: Celeste Najt

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