ラブ・ユー・ストアLove You Store

Photo: Celeste Najt

Photo: Celeste Najt

As from August 2007 there is something new in Palermo: Loveyou. It is a store opened by two free-lance designers, Nasa* and Caro, in which design products are found: T-shirts, sweatshirts2007年8月にパレルモにオープンした「ラブ・ユー・ストアー」は、二人のフリーランスのデザイナー、ナサとカコによって設立された。Tシャツやスウェットシャツ、フリーペーパーなどが並べられ、当然二人のダイナミックな作品にもお目にかかれる。

Love You Store
住所:Paraguay 5335, Palermo Hollywood, Buenos Aires
TEL:+54 4774 1170

Text: Celeste Najt
Translation: Kazunari Hongo
and free-lance local publications. Also, the dynamics of their work can be seen. Loveyou is not only a store, but also a studio.

These two talented designers have pulled their creativity together in the PUTA (WHORE) line. The controversial name is relegated to a second plane once it becomes clear that their creations do not highlight the sexual, but rather suggest a game of daring colours and a touch of the 80s. The brand’s inspiration derives from music — according to Nasa and Caro — all their creations have a soundtrack.

The products they sell the most are the PUTA T-shirts (70USD) and several SOMA products (ranging from 50USD to 150USD), though objects by other designers can also be found (Doma, Lindo Killer, Tec, Gualicho).

‘Boys come to the store to look for PUTA, which has become a cult brand due to its underground profile whereas girls look for SOMA, which has beautiful special collections,’ Nasa says.

The spirit of loveyou is ‘more love’, so should you visit Buenos Aires, do not miss the love its owners offer through their special designs.

Love You Store
Address: Paraguay 5335, Palermo Hollywood, Buenos Aires
Open: 11:00-20:00 (Closed on Sunday)
Tel: +54 4774 1170

Text: Celeste Najt
Love You Store
地址:Paraguay 5335, Palermo Hollywood, Buenos Aires
电话:+54 4774 1170

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