ラ・エスキーナ・デ・ラス・フローレスLa Esquina de la Flores

Photo: Celeste Najt

Photo: Celeste Najt

If you like eating, but want to stay healthy, La Esquina de la Flores (The Flower Corner) is the right place for you. Located on Gurruchaga St., the premises’ flowery-patterned façade「ラ・エスキーナ・デ・ラス・フローレス」(花の街角)は、食べるのが好き、でも健康でいたい、という人達にぴったりの場所である。グルチャガ通りにある、正面が花模様で飾られたこの建物、実は小さな自然食品を扱うスーパーとなっており、ブエノス・アイレス一番の全粒粉パンやジャム、パイ、手作りの食品を購入できる。全ての商品が脂肪分を含まず加工していない素材を使って調理されており、砂糖の代わりに蜂蜜を使ったり、粉は全粒粉を使うなどのこだわりを持っている。




La Esquina de la Flores
住所:1630 Gurruchaga street, Downtown, Buenos Aires
TEL:+54 4832 8528

Text and Photo: Celeste Najt
Translation: Yuki Mine
is the first surprising fact. It is a small natural supermarket in which you can find the best whole-meal bread in Buenos Aires, but also jams, pies and homemade food. All prepared with fat-free raw ingredients, honey instead of sugar, whole wheat flour, etc.

The most interesting feature in this place is the possibility of having a meal in there – vegetable pie, or breaded soy meat, homemade whole wheat pasta, vegetarian soufflés – or buying take away food or ingredients to cook at home – flour, cereal, etc.

Prices are low considering the quality of the products. La esquina de las Flores is a chain that has grown as years have gone by and nowadays there are branches Downtown, and in Almagro, Caballito and Palermo.

As well as offering high-quality products, there are short cooking courses: kneading and baking bread, homemade whole wheat pasta and sugarless jams are a few examples of free-of-charge courses, which are frequently delivered in the different branches.

Instead of going to a traditional supermarket, try the products in la Esquina de la Flor and you will see it is possible to lead a healthy life while enjoying a unique taste.

La Esquina de la Flores
Address: 1630 Gurruchaga street, Downtown, Buenos Aires
Open: 9:00-20:00 (Closed on Sunday)
Tel: +54 4832 8528

Text and Photo: Celeste Najt
La Esquina de la Flores
地址:1630 Gurruchaga street, Downtown, Buenos Aires
电话:+54 4832 8528

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