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©  Freud & Fahler

© Freud & Fahler

Freud & Fahler was one of the pioneer restaurants in the area of the nowadays so trendy neighbourhood of Palermo. Originally located in Gurruchaga and Russell passage, where through their delicious and particular gastronomic combinationsフレッド&ファーラーは今流行な地域であるパレルモにあるレストランのパイオニア的存在だ。もともとはグルーチャガとラッセル通路地区にあり、彼らの管理する美味しくて興味深いガストロノミーと呼ばれる美食法のコンビネーションは、常連客を魅了した。そして、2010年に彼らは今のパレルモ・ソーホー地区へ移動した。




Freud & Fahler
住所:5300 Cabrera Street, Palermo Soho, Buenos Aires
営業時間: 12:30〜16:00, 20:00〜01:00(金・土曜日02:00まで)
TEL: +54 11 4833 2153

Text: Celeste Najt
Translation: Memi Mizukami
they managed to attract customers who have become regular. In 2010, they moved to the corner of Cabrera and Godoy Cruz, still in Palermo Soho.

Sitting at a table is to press play to a parade of delights: crispy shrimps with avocado blend, tomato gel, coriander leaves or a slice of camembert in bread smoke with orange honey are two ideal starters.

For the main course, grilled meat is recommended, such as Patagonia lamb – which is served garnished with broccoli, creamy potatoes and crispy black olives – or the grilled catch of the day – with bock choy, French beans, beans, Merlot syrup, tomato concentrate, garlic oil and dried ham.

The flavours attained by Pol Lykan (owner and chef) with the intrincate combinations of ingredients make up an experience similar to that of a trip, where everything seems charming and unknown. To eat well and stimulate the senses, Freud & Fahler is the right place.

Freud & Fahler
Address: 5300 Cabrera Street, Palermo Soho, Buenos Aires
Opening Hours: 12:30-16:00, 20:00-01:00 (Fridays and Saturdays till 02:00)
Closed on Sunday
Tel: +54 11 4833 2153

Text and photo: Celeste Najt

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