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"Poepp68" Photo: Stefan Lieflander

"Poepp68" Photo: Stefan Lieflander

The New Society for Fine Arts (NGBK) is an association everyone can become a member who is interested in promoting contemporary fine artsザ・ニュー・ソサエティ・オブ・ファイン・アート(NGBK)は、現代美術の普及や、美術展に興味のある人なら誰でもメンバーになれる組織。他の美術協会と異なる点は、会員になれば年間のプログラムに対する決定権を持つ事ができるということ。

NGBK Gallery (Neue Gesellschaft fur Bildende Kunst e.V)
住所:OranienstraBe 25, 10999 Brlin
TEL:+49 30 616 513 0

Translation: Shiori Saito
as well as in thematic exhibition projects. Different form other art societies the membership is making the decisions concerning the annual program. All projects are being planned and organized by teams of NGBK members.

NGBK Gallery (Neue Gesellschaft fur Bildende Kunst e.V)
Address: OranienstraBe 25, 10999 Brlin
Open: 12:00-18:30
Tel: +49 30 616 513 0
地址:OranienstraBe 25, 10999 Brlin
电话:+49 30 616 513 0

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