バー・バベットBar Babette Berlin

© Bar Babette Berlin

© Bar Babette Berlin

There is a very special zone of Berlin, between Alexanderplatz and Strauberger Platz where some exemplar buildings of new post modern architecture are located. Babette is one of these buildingsアレクサンドル広場とストラウバーガー広場の間はベルリンの中でもとても特別な地区。そこには典型的なニューポストモダン建築が並んでいる。バベットはその地区内のビルにあり、映画館「キノ・インターナショナル」、レストラン「カフェ・モスクワ」、カフェ「モカミルク・アイスバー」など、周りの新しい建物ともつながっている。




Kosmetiksalon Babette Bar
住所:Karl-Marx-Allee 36, 10178 Berlin
TEL:+49 (76) 3838 8943

Text: Celeste Najt
Translation: Sayaka Ito
and it was linked to the buildings of the cinema “Kino International”, the restaurant “Cafe Moskau”, the cafe “Mokka-Milch-Eisbar” and a lot more new buildings in the neigborhood.

At the beginning , the glass-pavilion was planned as an exhibition hall and shop for original russian arts and crafts, but it became a beauty salon named “Kosmetiksalon Babette”. Till 1989 privileged women could indulge themselves with nice treatments and perfumes. In 2003, the Bar was created under the name of “Bar in der Karl-Marx-Allee 36”. In 2007, 4 years later, the name changed again into “Kosmetiksalon Babette”.

Nowadays, Babette is a place many berliners and foreigners choose to have a trendy night with friends, enjoying good drinks. The bar is daily open from 6 p.m. and the offer is not only to drink well, they organize really interesting art exhibitions from local artists, live concerts and once in a while they host artbooks launch parties as well.

Babette is a perfect place to let the last part of the day go by, in a cozy but modern ambient, surrounded by lively people and art installations.

Kosmetiksalon Babette Bar
Address: Karl-Marx-Allee 36, 10178 Berlin
Open: 18:00-
TEL: +49 (76) 3838 8943

Text: Celeste Najt

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