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Located in Shiraoi, near Noboribetsu Hokkaido, Tobiu Art Community is a shared art studio opened in a closed school. Established in 1986, artists of the second generation are based in this community北海道登別からほど近い白老に廃校を利用したアーティストの共同アトリエ「飛生(とびう)アートコミュニティー」がある。その歴史は古く1986年に創設され、現在は第二世代のアーティスト達がここを拠点に制作活動を行っている。





for their art production.

Kineta Kunimatsu is a sculptor as well as one of the core member of the community. He was raised in the artist family over 3 generations, whose grandfather is Noboru Kineta, a painter, and father is Asuka Kunimatsu, a sculptor, who has co-established Tobiu Art Community.

Tobiu Art Community is a hub for production and presentation as well as an open space for various events such as music event, art festival ‘Tobiu Art Festival‘, workshops for kids, and regional communicating space.

One of their projects ‘Magical Post Network‘ collects artworks by public contest to exhibit and sell them. It is also planning to conduct the artist in residence program.

Tobiu Art Community explores its function as a local “art community” where there are many artists gathers around the nation, and may be around the world in the future.

Tobiu Art Community
Address: 520 Aza Takeura, Shiraoi-cho, Hokkaido

Translation: Mariko Takei

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