マーレ・モエレル・スタジオMarre Moerel Studio

3 Strung-Up Cow containers © Marre Moerel Studio

3 Strung-Up Cow containers © Marre Moerel Studio

Marre Moerel was born in the Netherlands and studied Furniture Design at the Royal College of Art in London, since then she has been a freelance designer in New York, a teacher at the Parsons School of Design and now she has her own business in Madridオランダ生まれのマーレ・モエレルは、ロンドンの英国王立美術大学で家具デザインを学び、その後、ニューヨークでパーソンズ美術大学の教師、フリーランスのデザイナーとして活躍後、現在はマドリードにて自身のビジネスを行っている。マーレ・モエレル・スタジオはデザインオフィス兼ショップであり、彼女の食器などのセラミック作品や、限定品、試作品などユニークな作品も購入することができる。作品の販売以外にも彼女は様々なプロジェクト活動に参加している。





Marre Moerel Studio
住所:Calle de la Luna 19, Bajo, Puerta 2, 28004 Madrid
営業時間:10:00〜14:00, 17:00〜20:00(日曜定休)
TEL:+34 91 523 9059

Text: Michael Sullivan
. The Marre Moerel Design Studio is a Design Office and also a shop where you can buy her ceramics such as tableware. Also for sale are limited edition pieces, prototypes and some unique items. As can be expected this is also where she works on commissions and other projects.

Located near the famous street called Calle Gran Via in Madrid, and also near another little street called Calle Libreros (Bookshop Street) where many little second hand bookshops can be found, the Marre Moerel Studio can be found on a long narrow street called Calle de la Luna, or Street of the Moon. This is an appropriate connation as it suggests that we are entering another world and a short way along the street we can enter the Marre Moerel Studio and have a look at her world. At first sight it is very welcoming as it is brightly lit and it almost feels like you are looking into someone’s beautiful home.

As a general overview her work includes furniture, for example modular shelves, rectangular desks where it looks like every part has almost melted into each other, and polygon storage units. One of Marre Moerel’s themes seems to be the use of light, it is certainly a theme of her shop, but also her work, and here you can buy fascinating lighting products using different shapes. Included in her tableware there are ceramics such as teapots, candlestick holders, and more ornamental pieces such as vases.

Furthermore, it is possible to see and purchase her sculptures which reflect her different themes and it is perhaps in these artworks that we can better understand what inspires her. In addition she is also involved in interior design which can be seen at a nearby restaurant. The studio itself is a beautiful, well presented space, however, on her website it is possible to see a lot more of her work as well as find shops selling her products across the world.

On her website you can also see the events that she is involved in and her projects. However, if you are in Madrid then you could do nothing better than search out the Street of the Moon and discover the amazing world of Marre Moerel in her beautiful studio and shop.

Marre Moerel Studio
Address: Calle de la Luna 19, Bajo, Puerta 2, 28004 Madrid
Opening Hours: 10:00-14:00, 17:00-20:00 (Closed on Sunday)
Tel: +34 91 523 9059

Text: Michael Sullivan

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