“When you are upset, you want something sweet to lighten up” said founder Dinesh G. Choithramani. The concept of Epoch is as simple as that, to sweeten people’s life in many possible ways as they could『頭の中が混乱しているような時は、心を晴らすような甘い物が欲しくなりますよね。』と答えてくれたのは、「エポック」を立ち上げたディネッシュ・G・チョイスラマニ。この言葉にエポックのコンセプトが詰め込まれており、人々の生活を多くの形でより“甘い”ものへと変えていくのが目標だという。現在、それぞれ香港のスター通りとオフィス街・太古坊にある直販店でエポックのデザートやケーキ、コーヒーが楽しめる。もしくは香港や中国にあるスーパーや寿司屋で製品を直接購入することも可能だ。




EPOCH, Star Street Outlet
住所:12-14 Wing Fung Street, Star Street, Wan Chai, Hong Kong
TEL:+852 3525 1570

EPOCH, Taikoo Place Outlet
住所: G/F, shop H, 12 Westlands Road, Taikoo Place, Hong Kong
TEL:+852 2811 2140

Text: Queenie Rosita Law
Translation: Yuki Mine
. You can experience Epoch in person at their 2 outlet stores, one located at Star street and Taikoo place, where you can enjoy the desserts, cakes and coffee. Or you can buy their products from supermarkets and sushi restaurants in Hong Kong and China.

The desserts are designed by the partner of Epoch, Etienne Irazoqui, who was formerly the Head Pastry Chef of Pierre Gagnaire in London. His team includes Alexandre Talpaert, the Head Pastry chef, who was working for Alain Ducasse in both Paris and New York before and Jean- Charles Devillard, the executive chef, who was working for a few Michelin Stars restaurants before joining epoch. The desserts in Epoch are not pretentious at all. Simple but elegant are the words to describe it. They want to create a home cook feeling to the desserts that are all made by fresh ingredients of the season.

The interior of Epoch is very relaxing and comfortable. The design of the café is all based on what makes the customers feel the best. You can sit back and have a pleasant conversation with your friends or random strangers, listen to music from their music corner or enjoy the art on display. The place attracts not just locals, but tourists, artists, designers and the working crowd as well.

The meaning of ‘epoch’ in dictionary refers to a period of time in a person’s life. The whole epoch experience will certainly be remembered. It could be the taste of the desserts, a random conversation, the music, the coffee or it could be as simple as just their idea to bring happiness to people’s life.

EPOCH, Star Street Outlet
Address: 12-14 Wing Fung Street, Star Street, Wan Chai, Hong Kong
Opening Hours: 7:30-23:00 (Friday, Saturday and day before HP till midnight)
Tel: +852 3525 1570

EPOCH, Taikoo Place Outlet
Address: G/F, shop H, 12 Westlands Road, Taikoo Place, Hong Kong
Opening Hours: 8:00-23:00
Tel: +852 2811 2140

Text: Queenie Rosita Law

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