タト・ジョバンノーニTato Giovannoni

© Víctor Álvarez

© Víctor Álvarez

Floreria Atlantico is one of a kind place. From the street, you will see a lovely flower shop also offering wines and records. Yes, really an unusual mix (already) that will be even more captivating if you venture inside the siteフロレリア・アトランティコは心地の良い場所のひとつだ。通り沿いにワインやレコードも取扱う可愛らしい花屋がある。すでに不思議な組み合わせだが、思い切って中に踏み込めば、美味しいカクテル、美味しい料理、魅力的な雰囲気の虜になってしまう。この素敵な場所がどのように作られたのかオーナーたちに聞いてみた。












飲食には、ポブレ・ルイス(Arribeños 2393)、オビエド, ドン・フリオ(Guatemala 4699)、アランブルトモ・ウーノ、ラ・コンガ(La Rioja 39)、ラ・メゼッタ(Av. Alvarez Thomas 1321)、Ocho7ochoバームンド・ビザロ・バーがお薦めです。

Florería Atlántico
住所:Arroyo 872, Retiro, Buenos Aires
TEL:+54 11 4313 6093

Text: Celeste Najt
Translation: Momoko M
: Great cocktails, great food, and an alluring atmosphere. Let´s hear about how this amazing place was created through the owners’ voices.

Please introduce Floreria Atlantico team to our readers.

Floreria Atlantico is Pedro Pena Mojica (Chef), Romina Raffo (sommelier), Julian Diaz, Aline Vargas (owners) and Tato Giovannoni (Owner and bar manager) and a 15 people staff divided in cookers, floor staff and bartenders.

What inspired you to create Floreria Atlantico?

We did a research about the neighborhood at the beginning of the century, we find out that this was a port area, so we came with the idea of giving to Buenos Aires something of his own past. We create an immigrant bar from 1900 to 1920 based on the biggest immigrant waves, those where Italians, Spanish, polish, French and English.
Having that clear in the basement we came up with the idea of the flower shop on top. This came because of the look of the neighborhood and to give a nice look and appeal to the guest who came to the bar.

Which is that thing that makes your project unique?

We believe that in this era of speak easy bars being open all over the world all of them inspired in prohibition era in the U.S. opening a hidden bar but with a very argentine philosophy make us unique. we tell our own story from our own past, and not from something that does not belong to this country.

What do you think about Buenos Aires?

We believe that Buenos aires is a Magnificent city great place to be, with a lot of culture. Mix of breeds you can feel the immigration all over the city.
Restorant wise speaking we believed that is the best moment in history in Buenos Aires and Argentina.

How is it to run Florería Atlántico in this city?

Exciting, you never know where the Atlantic Ocean is going to berth this ship.

Please tell us about your favorites places in Buenos Aires.

To eat: Pobre Luis (Arribeños 2393), Oviedo, Don Julio (Guatemala 4699), Aramburu, Tomo Uno, LA Conga (La Rioja 39), La mezzetta (Av. Alvarez Thomas 1321)
Night life: Ocho7ocho Bar, Mundo Bizarro Bar
Walk around Buenos Aires on Corrientes Avenue, Florida Street, Alvear Avenue, De Mayo Avenue.

Florería Atlántico
Address: Arroyo 872, Retiro, Buenos Aires
Opening Hours: 10:00 – 3:00 (Closed on Sunday)
Tel: +54 11 4313 6093

Text: Celeste Najt

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