As the weather get warmer, open-air bars begin popping up in crumbling courtyards, car repair garages, roofs and demolished or abandoned proprieties all around Budapest. Usually decorated with second hand furniture, paper lamps and candles, those casual places host exhibitions, performances, and live music which attract the young, the fashion-conscious, intellectuals and professionals. Within a few months time, some of these places will vanished or move without leaving a trace. As result of this impermanence, it is impossible to post here the new hot spot. The best way to learn about them is from locals once you arrive in Budapest. But there are some of this type of bars that are quasi-permanent. - Text: Claudia Martins
  • Menza


    © Menza

    Well located, good athemosphere, retro decoration and great value for “Hungarian modern food”. The house beer and lunch menu are especially goodよい立地、よい雰囲気、レトロな内装と美味しいハンガリー料理。自家製ビールとランチメニューは特に絶品

  • Gundel


    © Gundel

    If you want to eat like a king and be treated like a king, Gundel is the place for you. For several decades, it has maintained the reputation as Budapest’s most elegant and renounce restaurant王様のように食事を楽しみ、最高に贅沢な気分を味わいたいなら、迷わずグンデルを選ぼう。長い間、グンデルはブダペストで最も格調高い、至上のレストランの地位に君臨し続けている。伝統的なハンガリー料理のメニュー

  • Most


    © Most

    Owned by the same person as the very popular Jelen bar (read more about it in the Bars section below), Most is a bar that also offers tasty, inexpensive food. Jelen and Most both offer an impressiveブダペストで大人気のバー「ジェレン」のオーナーが経営する「モスト」。ここはバーでありながら、美味しく手頃な料理を提供する。さらにオルタナティブミュージックのライブも行っている

  • Mumus


    © Mumus

    Inside you’ll find a chilled-out space which offers a range of events which include funky alternative mix music, DJs, as well as live bands plays. Mumus is one of the cheapest places to drink in townリラックスできる空間で、独創的なオルタナティブミュージック、DJ、ライブなどが楽しめるバー。街で一番安くお酒が楽しめる場所でもある

  • Kiadó


    © Kiadó

    Kiadó is an Informal pub with simple and good food. Quite smoke on the ground floor with a young crowd; the basement offers a more intimacy atmosphere for a chilled-out dinner with friendsキアドは、シンプルで美味しい料理とお酒を気軽に味わえるバー。1階は若者で賑わう。地下は落ち着いた空間となっており、親しい友人とディナーが楽しめる

  • Jelen


    © Jelen

    The monochrome walls are covered in well-designed posters, all of which say the word ‘jazz’, but all I can hear from the dance floor in the other room is Smash Mouth and Deee-lite remixesモノクロの壁にはおしゃれなデザインのポスターがずらり。全てが「ジャズ」を物語っている。しかし別室のダンスフロアから聞こえてくるのは「スマッシュマウス」や「ディー・ライト」のリミックス

  • Csendes


    © Csendes

    You might spend hours looking to the eclectic style of Csendes decoration’. Besides the drawings, mannequins and a bike which you will see on the walls, you’ll find the university crowdセンデスの素敵なインテリアは、見る者を虜にする。四方の壁を彩るドローイングやマネキン、バイク。そのインテリアと同じくらい目に楽しいのは、そこに集う若者たちの眺めである

  • A38


    © A38

    A former Ukrainian stone-carrier ship, since 2003 A38 has been one of the most important venues for concerts in Budapestウクライナの鉄鋼石運搬船を改造し、2003年にオープンしたA38。ここはブダペストのコンサートには欠かせない存在である

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