© Arniko

© Arniko

Arniko is the project of Marius Arniko Arter, a skateboard lover who was born in Nepal. His enthusiasm for skating has arisen with the first skateboard he received and lasted ever sinceアルニコはマリウス・アルニコ・アルターによるプロジェクト。彼はネパール生まれ。幼少期をカトマンズで過ごしたスケートボード愛好家だ。彼のスケートへの情熱は、人生で初めてスケートボードを手にした時からこれまでずっと変わらない。彼がまだ大工の見習いだったころ、よく工場で自分のスケートボードを作っていた。大工としての勉強を終えた後、彼は子供の頃に過ごした国を訪れる事にした。ネパー ルに到着したときには既にスケートボードが恋しくなり、国中のどこへ行ってもスケートボードを買うことができない事に気づいた。そのとき彼は自分自身でスケートボードをつくることを決意し、制作を始めた。そして、それは最後の一つとはならなかったのだ。



住所:Lagerstrasse 16a, 8004 Zürich
営業時間: 9:00〜20:00(土曜日18:00まで)
TEL:+41 44 240 0655

Text: Celeste Najt
Translation: Aya Kitano
. While he was still in his apprenticeship as a carpenter, he often used the factory to producehis own skateboards. After he got his degree, he decided to visit the country of his childhood. Arriving in Nepal he already missed his skateboard, realizing that there was no opportunity to buy a skateboard in the whole country. Thus he decided quite simply to manufacture one by himself – it wasn‘t going to be the last one.

The brand was born in 2007, and is a co-production between Marius and eleven friends of his from St. Gallen (Switzerland). All skateboards you can find at their stores are engraved using the ancient Himalayan craftsmanship of woodcarving, which make them unique. Each of them is notably made with a lot of dedication and care. The designs are separate in 4 different series: Classic, Makalu, Eighties & Pocket Rocket.

Skateboards are definitely their specialization, but Arniko’s production is wider: they also design very special clothing such as jackets, T-shirts, jeans, sweaters, scarfs, backpacks. etc. Whether you are in Zurich or Katmandu, don’t hesitate in stop by one of their stores to see all the amazing things you can get there.

Address: Lagerstrasse 16a, 8004 Zürich
Opening Hours: 9:00 – 20:00 (Saturday till 18:00)
Closed on Sunday
Tel: +41 44 240 0655

Text: Celeste Najt

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