Shomyoji is a bodhi temple of the Hojo clan, which was established by Sanetoki Hojo in the Kamakura Period. On the temple grounds of Shomyoji, you will see a beautiful Jodo-style garden鎌倉時代に北条実時がひらいた金沢北条氏一門の菩提寺「称名寺」。境内は朱塗りの反橋と平橋がかかる浄土式庭園が何とも美しく、阿字ヶ池のまわりにはイチョウなどの名古木が立ち並んでいる





Text: Saori Hashiguchi
with both vermilion-lacquered arched and flat bridges. Around the pond, there are ancient gingko trees which are about 800 years old.

The evening bell in Shomyoji was depicted for one of the ukiyo-e work Eight Views of Kanazawa made by Hiroshige. Unfortunately we cannot listen to the sound of the bell, as it is only used on the new year’s eve. They enshrines a wooden statue of Miroku Bosatsu made by a Buddha statue sculptor of the Kamakura Period, Unkei. This work was designated as an important cultural property of Japan in 2008.

Another must-see sight is the seasonal views. You will be enjoying the first shrine visit on new year day, cherry blossom viewing in spring, harvesting ginkgo nuts and viewing spider lilies in autumn. For the end and beginning of the year and seasonal occasions, you can also enjoy the lighting-up, as well as viewing a performance of the Noh stage at night once a year. It’s also good to check out the Shomyoji Art Festival held in October.

It will take 10 minutes by riding a bus from the station and additional 15 minutes of walk from the bus stop. Recommend to take a walk along the road called Green Zone. You can also enjoy a view from the top of the mountain where is located on the back of the Shomoji, taking an one-hour hiking course of the Shomyoji Shimin-no-mori.

Address: 212-1 Kanazawa-cho, Kanazawa-ku, Yokohama
Opening Hours: 9:00-16:30
Tel: 045-701-9573

Text: Saori Hashiguchi
Translation: Mariko Takei

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