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Toco is located in a back alley of Shitaya where there is also a historical shop, spa, and so on. Once you peep through lit front door, here is a completely different world. The hand-made table, bar上野の外れ、古くからの商店や銭湯が残る「下谷」の、そのまた路地裏に、「toco.」(トコ)はある。ささやかな明かりが灯された玄関先から中を覗くと、下町界隈からは全くの別世界に連れ出されたような、無国籍の空間が広がる。何枚もの木を嵌め込んだ手作りのテーブル、一枚板を割って作った小さなバーカウンター、色褪せて深みの出た不揃いの椅子、大きな流木や虹色の階段などが目に飛び込んでくる。何のお店なのかと思うと、これがゲストハウス「toco.」のリビングルームなのだ。


料金は相部屋(ドミトリー)タイプ、個室タイプ共に一人2~3千円台と非常に安い。朝食夕食は無く、ベッドメイキングも自身でするタイプの素泊まり宿だが、若者やバックパックを背負って旅をする旅行者にとっては、近年こういった形の宿が好まれている。 ちなみにシャワー、トイレは共同での利用。その他に、柱や窓など元あったものを活かしながら欧風のテイストを加えてリノベーションしたゲスト用フリーキッチンが設備としてある。



Text: Takahito Ishizaki
made from only one piece of tree, faded and irregular chairs, driftwood,and rainbow stairs will welcome you. You will wonder ‘What place is this?’ This place is Toco’s living room.

The word ‘Backpacker’ is unfamiliar in Japan and there are not so many backpackers here, but Toco itself is a Backpacker. After you check in and open the inner door, you will be surprised… The main building is a traditional Japanese  house and this backpacker, ‘Toco,’ has a miraculous history. During World War Ⅱ, this area was bombed, but Toco survived. It will be 91 years old this year.

In addition, Toco has a Japanese garden and pond. Sorry, I don’t understand…There is no such a historical building in Tokyo. However, Toco, 91 years old, had been badly damaged. People wanting to revive the building gathered to gave another life to Toco in 2010.

The fee is from 2600 yen per night, even for private rooms, it’s surprisingly cheap. You can’t find another backpacker based on a Japanese traditional house as inexpensive as Toco. That’s why Toco is loved by the young backpackers. For your information, shower and toilet are common space and customers can use the kitchen and many seasonings for cooking. Wifi is available in all areas of the hostel, even in the garden.

Toco has one unique difference from other backpackers. The living room changes into a bar at night and not only customers, but people who are not staying can drink alcohol and chat. For travelers, one of the most interesting things is to encounter many people. At this point, Toco has unlimited possibilities, and it’s a rare treat to be able to have a wonderful time with local Japanese people.

Tokyo Heritage Hostel, toco.
Address: 2-13-22 Shitaya, Taitou-ku, Tokyo
Room rate: 2,600 yen –
Tel: 03-6458-1686

Text: Takahito Ishizaki
Translation: Takuya Kirimura

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