二條通・緑島小夜曲The Island Cafe

© The Island Cafe

© The Island Cafe

There is a wooden style café that is surrounded by trees like an oasis. Because the cafe is surrounded by a lot of green—rare in Taipei—this very popular Taipei cafe is called “The Island Café”緑が茂りまるでオアシスのような木造建築のカフェがある。台北で人気の二條通・緑島小夜曲(アイランド・カフェ)だ。大正町と呼ばれるこのエリアは京都をモデルに碁盤の目のように通りが造られている。1階はカフェで2階は建築家・鐘永男(ツォン・ヨン・ナン)のオフィスになっている。中に入ると、コーヒーの香ばしい香りが漂う。天井の梁が露出し、店の奥には天窓からやさしい光が入っている。




TEL:+886 2 2531 4594

Text: Tomomi Sakuma
. People call this town “Taisho-machi” because it is built like Kyoto. Its streets are laid out in a grid pattern. The first floor of the building is a coffee shop and the second floor is an architecture office.

The coffee shop is filled with the fragrant aroma of brewed coffee. The ceiling is constructed with wooden beams from which sunlight enters the cafe. The lovely taste of the “Island special coffee” consists of whisky, Bailey’s and five different kinds of coffee beans. You slightly taste the flavor of sweet Bailey’s and it leaves an aftertaste of whiskey. The coffee beans don’t taste bitter, but are mild. “Romano Ice coffee” consists of lemon and espresso, which leave your mouth with a fresh feeling. It has a slightly sweet taste. Thus, it might be nice to drink it as a dessert.

They also serve light meals, some paninis, appetizers, desserts and beverages. The ciabatta Panini is the most recommended meal among the three kinds of paninis and it tastes crispy and amazing.
Because the cafe is very crowded on weekends, there is a limit of two hours for the customers to stay at the cafe. There are music concerts held every Friday from 7pm to 9pm. The live music will liven up your time at the cafe.

Why don’t you spend time in the Island café to enjoy talking with your family or friends with a cup of coffee or just to relax alone? You can surely make your day more enjoyable.

The Island Café
Address: No.1, Lane 33, Section 1, Zhōngshān North Road, Zhongshan District, Taipei
Opening Hours: 12:00 – 21:30
Tel: +886 2 2531 4594

Text: Tomomi Sakuma

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