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Scandinavian fine dining has been in the spotlight during the last decade. Particularly in Sweden, a rather interesting batch of young chefs have made Swedish dishes – or the Scandinavian cuisine concept – more popular and attractive to the international savvy diner. VOLT restaurant opened in 2010 to push the boundaries of the Swedish fine dining. Of course, other restaurants like Danish Noma or Swedish Mathias Dahlgren have set the guidelines in Nordic cuisine, but there are not limitations in that sense. As a matter of fact, VOLT acquired their first Michelin star in 2015. Their concept is pretty straightforward: they go out in the woods surrounding Stockholm to find raw materials and see what they can do with it, how far they could raise the bar. What could you do with a hen or a Birch’s leave? What about Beetroot? These, and many other natural ingredients common in the Swedish nature whereabouts, are their source of inspiration.スカンジナビアの高級レストランは、この10年で益々注目を浴びるようになった。 特にスウェーデンでは、若いシェフたちがスウェーデン料理や、スカンジナビア料理を国際的に精通した美食家たちにも通用する、より魅力的で面白味のある料理にしてきた。デンマークのノーマやスウェーデンのマティアス・ダールグレンのようなレストランが北欧料理を確立してきたとも言えるが、その中でも2010年にオープンしたレストランヴォルトは、スウェーデンの高級レストランのこれまでのイメージを全く新しいものへと変え、2015年に初めてミシュランの星を獲得した。ストックホルムの周りの森に出かけ、見つけた材料を使って何を作ることができるのか、どれだけ型を破り、レベルの高い料理を提供できるのかを考える彼らの思考は非常に簡単なのだ。「鶏や白樺を使って何ができる?」「ビートを使ってはどうか?」こういったスウェーデンの自然から生まれる材料全てが彼らのインスピレーションの源となる。




VOLT restaurant

住所:Kommendörsgatan 16, 114 48 Stockholm

TEL:+46 (0)8 662 3400

Text: Victor Moreno
Translation: Satsuki Miyanishi
Furthermore, they are inspired by worldwide cuisine like the Mediterranean or Japanese Koji, but all the ingredients and technics in the base are Swedish. VOLT is not just a place for international customers but locals find it an extraordinary place due to people can eat very familiar dishes – ingredients they know since childhood – but within a context totally different. In addition, a selection of international natural wines enhances the dining experience. You can choose between a six or a four courses menu. As many other Michelin-awarded places, VOLT works with Carte Blanche; means, nature dictates. The menu is compiled accordingly to the season and what is available each week.

Arguably, the Guinea fowl is one of their top exceptional dishes. In Sweden, the hen or fowl was pretty popular during the past centuries but it became less and less popular due this meat is not as tender as chicken. Hence it is not that easy to cook it well. At VOLT, they rescue this Swedish style serving the breast of fowl with an impressive finish on the meat: people think the skin needs to be crispy but in fact they served tender spiced with kelp from the clear shallow waters of the Baltic sea; it is delicious. Everything is found in Sweden. What it is special about VOLT and how Fredrik Johnsson works is what you can find in Sweden and what can you do with it.

The “fika” time is a traditional gathering in Sweden to take a break from your routine and have some coffee in company. Once again, VOLT delivers a traditional Swedish experience with a modern turn. The coffee is provided by David Haugaard, who works for the Swedish Royal House.

VOLT restaurant
Address: Kommendörsgatan 16, 114 48 Stockholm
Opening hours: 18:00 – 0:00 (Saturday from 17:00)
Closed on Sunday and Monday
Tel: +46 (0)8 662 3400

Text: Victor Moreno

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