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© Restaurang AG

The Restaurant AG, has won for two years consecutively the award to Best Meat Place in Sweden. Johan Jureskog is the Chef Creative Director responsible for thatレストランAGはヨハン・ユレスコーグがチーフ・クリエイティブ・ディレクターを努め、スウェーディン・ベストミート・プレイスに2年連続で選ばれたレストラン。AGが成功を形作った秘訣は大きく2つある。1つ目はヨハンが持つネットワークだ。彼は毎週世界の様々な場所から最良の肉を仕入れることができる。この俊足さで、スペイン、フィンランド、スウェーデ ン、アメリカ、オーストラリア、スコットランドからだって、霜降り肉や和牛のアントルコート(肋骨の間からとれる切り身)、骨付きのクラブステーキ肉を取り寄せることができるのだ。2つ目の要素は、肉を80日まで保存させておくことのできる特別の冷蔵庫だ。乾燥・熟成させることで、ピリッとしたフレイバー と独特の舌触りを肉に与えることができる。−そう、ここはミートパラダイスなのだ。


Restaurang AG
住所:Kronobergsgatan 37, 112 33 Stockholm
TEL:+46 (8) 4106 8100

Text: Victor Moreno
. The secret for the successful formula in AG is due to two main factors: the network that Johan has concocted to be able to offer the best meat possible from different parts of the world every week and his drying aged system, a special refrigerator where they can put meat up to 80 days, giving a pungent flavor and unique touch to the meat. So in this spirit you will find marbled meat, entrecôte Wagyu, on the bone Clubsteak or Black Angus from Spain, Finland, Sweden, U.S, Australia or Scotland for instance – a meat paradise.

AG is a rustic gallery located in the northwest of the town, in the island of Kungsholmen so it is not right central but very easy to arrive either metro (Fridhemsplan in blue line) with several bus lines or biking. In fact, their bar is famous for their tapas, so you can either start the meal with some drinks à la Spanish or even just go there for a few drinks and informal dinner. However, the meat experience will blow your mind. You can order a big piece of meat for 2 people or a meat degustation that most likely will gather six different parts of the world. The meat sommelier will explain where each meat come from and you can compare textures and flavors. –“ AG it is about the product, it is about to have the best meet all around the world. I’m searching on every stone for it. When we see something very marbled we take it off the bone after 5 weeks and then I take the fat, the skin of the meat and I let it be for another 8 weeks, so the process of aged can be up to almost 80 days. The taste is crazy,” explains Johan. The local meat comes from Sweden but also Denmark and some parts of Germany. Their refrigeration system is unique, so that makes you can eat something with higher quality, thus it is more expansive than the average meat places. The prices vary though and also it depends of the wine selection, of course. So if you are a meat lover now you know where is your place to go in Stockholm!

Restaurang AG
Address: Kronobergsgatan 37, 112 33 Stockholm
Opening Hours: 17:00-25:00 (Closed on Sunday)
Tel: +46 (8) 4106 8100

Text: Victor Moreno

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