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© Carin Wester

© Carin Wester

You know already that Sweden is a magnificent exporter of its local talents. Regarding the Swedish fashion industry it has a steady flow that hints the globalmarket on every seasonサント・エリクスプランは、ストックホルムでも最もクリエイティブな場所のひとつだ。住宅街、ショールーム、デザイン・スタジオに加えてショッピングスポットも充実しており、さらにはレコードショップやバー、レストランなどが入り交じっている。キャリン・ウェスターのフラグシップ・ストアは、このエリアを横切る素敵なストリート、レシュトランスガータン通りにある。

キャリンは、1998年にベックマンズ・ スクール・オブ・デザインを卒業後、ポール&フレンズのデザイナーとして働き始めた。2003年に立ち上げた自身のブランド「キャリン・ウェスター」は、今や世界中にその名を知られるファッション・ブランドだ。キャリンのメンズ、レディース・コレクションは世界中のショップで取り扱われ,オンラインでも購入が可能だが、実際の店舗を訪れたいのであれば、ここストックホルムに来るしかない。


Carin Wester Flagship Store
住所:Rörstrandsgatan 24, 113 40 Stockholm
営業時間:13:00〜18:00, 土曜12:00〜16:00(日曜定休)
TEL:+46 8 30 54 15

Text: Victor Moreno
Translation: Kazuyuki Yoshimura
. The existing educational institutions may help to that but moreover, you can find talented individuals. Stockholm embrace them to eventually establish flagship stores from the local designers.

One of the most interesting parts creativewise of Stockholm is the area of S:t Eriksplan. It is a mixed vibe between residential houses, showrooms and design studios with good shopping, record stores and also bars and restaurants. Rörstrandsgatan is a very nice street in the heart of the area that if it is good weather you can have your breakfast, lunch or just have a beer in some of the terraces along the street.

Here by the number 24 you can find the Carin Wester flagship store. She graduated 1998, from Beckmans School of Design and begun shortly thereafter to work as a designer for the brand Paul & Friends. In 2003 she founded her own brand. Carin Wester today is a stablished fashion brand worldwide.

You can find Carin´s men and women collections in many stores worldwide and also buy it online but there is only one Carin Wester store and that is the one located here. A classic item of her collections is also the Carin Wester printed bags.

Carin has a well-known reputation guaranteed by several prizes including “Newcomer of the Year” by Swedish Elle Magazine in 2004. She also has done commisioned work for the chainstore Weekdays. She also works with a limited and handmade line, called W.

Carin Wester Flagship Store
Address: Rörstrandsgatan 24, 113 40 Stockholm
Open: 13:00-18:00, Saturday 12:00-16:00 (Closed on Sunday)
Tel: +46 8 30 54 15

Text: Victor Moreno

Carin Wester Flagship Store
地址:Rörstrandsgatan 24, 113 40 Stockholm
开放时间:13:00-18:00, 星期六12:00-16:00(星期日休息)
电话:+46 8 30 54 15

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