© Färgfabriken

© Färgfabriken

Färgfabriken is a is a not-for-profit foundation center for contemporary art and architecture that works in three different principal areas: art, architecture, and societyファーグファブリケンは芸術、建築、社会の3つの異なる分野で活動する、現代アートや建築のための非営利団体センター。スウェーデンで「塗料工場」を意味するファーグファブリケンは、元塗料工場であったことから名付けられた。1970年以降放置され、建物は経過とともに荒廃していたが、古い工場は文化的な価値を重んじられ、1995年にアートセンターとして再生された。




住所:Lövholmsbrinken 1, 117 43 Stockholm
TEL:+46 8 645 0707

Text: Victor Moreno
Translation: Megumi Tsuruoka
. It Swedish name means “The Factory Color”. Its called Färgfabriken, because it’s an old paint manufacture. Originally owned by Alcro Beckers, who produce paint. The factory’s name is Palmcrantzka fabriken after the company who built it in 1887-1889. In 1902 Wilhelm Becker bought the factory and started the paint manufacture in the building. It was in production until the 1970, then it was abandoned for several years. The building lapsed and was more or less a ruin, but the old factory was considered of cultural value and restored. They have been in the building for fifteen years now.

They work with a lot of international artists. They are open to collaborations that bridge the gaps between different disciplines and interest groups. The keynotes when is time to decide for an artist to exhibit in the center is to produce something new that relates to the contemporary society. They very often work together with the artist and produce something new and specific for them.

They run a list of publications, publishing books and material for the exhibitions themselves. Some collaborations such the project Building Blocks an interaction with with kids. It investigates the accepted roles in the building process, specifically the relationship between architect and client but also aims to show how a child’s vision of an ideal home may differ from the adult norm. Or Robert Henke a composer, sound designer, software developer, installation artist and performer.

Beside the center in Stockholm here is a little brother in Östersund. the north of Sweden. They never show the same exhibitions in Stockholm and Norr, but sometimes they do a project together and show part of it in Stockholm and part of it in Östersund.

In Färgfabriken you can enjoy a great cafeteria not only indoors but also a small terrace and bar. Right now it’s free entrance, but they might have to start to take a small fee again. 40 SEK for an adult, 30 SEK for students.

Address: Lövholmsbrinken 1, 117 43 Stockholm
Opening Hours: 11:00-16:00 (during exhibitions only)
Closed on Monday and Tuesday
Tel: +46 8 645 0707

Text: Victor Moreno

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