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© The Shelter

© The Shelter

Go down to the basement and go through the tunnel… Although China is a big country, I wonder if the same thing might exist. An air-raid shelter from World War II was remodeled and opened up as a club中国広しと言えど、同じものは果たしてみつかるだろうか。ザ・シェルターは、第二次世界大戦中の防空壕だった場所を改造したクラブ。ビールが一杯20元という安さで、音楽が好きな人は誰でも気軽に行くことができ、服装も気にしなくていい。


ザ・シェルターでプレイしたDJには、プロとアマチュアのDJが世界NO.1を競う大会「DMC」でチーム部門のチャンピオンの座に輝いたターンテーブルユニットKireekや、アジア人として初のワールドチャンピオンとなったDJ KENTARO、バトル部門でチャンピオンになったDJ CO MAがいる。また、インヴィシブル・スクラッチ・ピクルズのメンバーでもありDJ KENTAROにも影響を与えたと言われるスクラッチ界の大御所DJショートカット。他にも、有名であるか否かに関わらず、厳選された音楽が集められている。


The Shelter
TEL:+86 21 6437 0400

Text: Hiromi Nomoto
. A glass of beer is only twenty yuan. Music lovers can go there and hang out without worrying about dressing up formally.

The Shelter is often introduced in foreign language guidebooks. “If you do not know where to go to listen to good music, the Shelter is the place to go.” Even if you do not know the DJ who’ll be spinning music, the Shelter will guarantee the best music experience. Gary Wang, a producer from the Shelter who has managed other clubs, The Lab and Zongci KIN, will bring the amazing music. Many people will visit the club wanting the music. Then, the Shelter will fill up with an awesome energy.

Among the DJ’s who have performed at the Shelter are the DJ group, Kireek, who have won first place in the group division at the DMC (Disco Mixing Club) competition in which both professional and amateur DJ’s compete for the world championship; DJ Kentaro, the first Asian to have won the world championship; DJ CO MA, who has won the championship in the battle division. A leading figure in the scratch world, DJ Shortkut, a member of Invisibl Skratch Piklz who also influenced DJ Kentaro, has also performed there. No matter how famous they might be, all of these DJ’s have been carefully selected.

Because of the influence of Expo 2010 Shanghai China, the number of clubs has grown by three to four times more than before, and now their number is over-saturated. While most of these clubs are focused on profit, the Shelter does not limit what they do on the basis of money and connections. This is why the Shelter is the most important club in Shanghai.

The Shelter
Address: No.5 Yongfu Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai
Opening Hours: 20:00 – 2:00
Tel: +86 21 6437 0400

Text: Hiromi Nomoto
Translation: Yumiko Miyagawa


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