田上義也記念室Yoshiya Tanoue Museum

Yoshiya Tanoue Museum (Sakaushi Residence)

Photo: © Osamu Adachi

A visit to Otaru won’t be complete without a trip to the Yoshiya Tanoue Museum, which was opened to the public in February 2010, featuring a comprehensive collection of sketches, blueprints and memorable pictures from Yoshiya Tanoue’s life and early works北海道を代表する建築家、田上義也(たのうえよしや)の記念室が2010年2月、小樽にオープンした。その建物は、1927年に田上義也の設計で坂牛邸として建築され住宅として使用されていたもの。記念室は、建築物としての公開と共に、建築家・田上義也の初期の作品のスケッチ、図面の複写や写真などの資料を展示している。





開館日時:毎週金・土・日曜 10:00〜15:00
TEL:090-3468-3741 (担)事務局 東田

Text: Bonnie Oeni
Translation: Asami Miyamura
. As a key figure in shaping Hokkaido’s modern architectural scene, Yoshiya Tanoue was responsible for many of the distinctive buildings you see in various parts of Hokkaido, and the museum building was one of his representative works, that was used as Sakaushi Residence designed by Yoshiya Tanoue in 1927.

Having studied briefly under iconic 20th-century architect Frank Lloyd Wright, many of Tanoue’s earlier works showcase this influence in their roof designs, geometric ornaments and beautiful stained glass like Sakaushi Residence and Oguma Residence (1927). Combining the knowledge he gained with his own ideas to develop his own unique style in the 1930s, he left his many works in Sapporo and Hokkaido such as Kogumaza (Little Bear Theater) (1972), Sapporo Kitaichijo Church (1979), Sapporo Education and Culture Hall (1980), Hongo Shin Memorial Museum Of Sculpture, Sapporo (1981), Sapporo Snow Festival Museum (1984) and Sapporo Salmon Museum (1984).

The museum displays some blueprints of Tanoue’s works built in Otaru, including Sakaushi Residence, Takada Residence of his early work (1924), and Ban Residence which is one of his representative works designed in the 20’s. There are few houses that still exist in Otaru, where is a significant area when mentioning about Yoshiya Tanoue.

On the second floor, the architectural models and blueprints of Tanoue’s ‘snow country architectural style’ houses are displayed. Tanoue’s ‘snow country architectural style’ was established as he broke away from Wright’s influence to develop his own style. This meant installing large glass windows on south-facing walls. Other Tanoue quirks involved installing a shady roof to keep out the Hokkaido snow and cold, and pillars that could run uninterrupted from the 1st to the 2nd floor. With these considerations, Tanoue successfully created an architectural style best representing Hokkaido, merging simplicity of form with function, now immortalised in this cosy museum.

You can enjoy comfortable spaces opened in Yoshiya Tanoue Museum, that hands down Tanoue’s philosophy which has formed Hokkaido’s modern architecture with a constant conscious to the “northern life”.

Yoshiya Tanoue Museum
Address: 5-8-15 Irifune, Otaru, Hokkaido
Open: Friday, Satureday and Sunday 10:00-15:00
Admition: 300 yen
Tel: 090-3468-3741

Text: Bonnie Oeni
开放时间:星期五,星期六,星期日 10:00-15:00

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