網走流氷観光砕氷船 おーろら号Icebreaker Ship Aurora

It’s quiet for miles around, except for the excited murmurs of the passengers around you, the lonely howl of the winter wind, and the steady crunching of ice breaking apartそこでは、静寂の中、船の乗客の歓声と、風の音、船が流氷をバリバリと割る音だけが唸っている。くすんだ白い山々に囲まれた場所では、自然の静かで時間を超越した不思議な力を感ぜずにはいられない





網走流氷観光砕氷船 おーろら号
乗船所:北海道網走市南3条東4丁目5-1 道の駅(流氷街道)
料金:大人 3,300円、小学生 1,650円
TEL:0152-43-6000 道東観光開発(株)

Text: Bonnie Oeni
Translation: Asami Miyamura
. On the horizon, fields and fields of ice, in shockingly dazzling shades of white or light blue, with blocks occasionally drifting lazily on the inky blue sea. Surrounded by pale white mountains, and feeling time crawl so slowly it nearly comes to a standstill, it’s hard not to feel awed by the silent, timeless, mysterious power of nature.

The icebreaking ship Aurora takes you on this unique journey, departing from Abashiri in the winter to cut through these ice floes. The drift ice phenomenon occurs when the Amur River traverses China and Russia before emptying into the Sea of Okhotsk, marking the southernmost point at which the ocean freezes. With Abashiri located so far north and close to the shores of Okhotsk, this frozen mass consisting of freshwater and saltwater can be seen from the Okhotsk shores in midwinter, around the end of January.

Although winter temperatures can easily reach -15°C or more, the Aurora cruise is fully equipped with an interior heating system, keeping you warm and toasty while you enjoy the view of drifting ice from the comfort of the cruise interior. As a coffee lounge is also available on board, the view can also be enjoyed with a steaming cup of hot coffee. For those who prefer a close-up view, there is also an outdoor observation deck from which you can personally experience how the ship cuts through the ice, sending them floating slowly away in jagged blocks.

The Sunset Cruise is particularly magnificent, as the experience involves watching the evening sun sink into the sea, setting the sea of brilliant white ice ablaze in a deep red.

Aside from watching the ice floes, you will also have the chance to encounter a variety of wild animals who migrate to Okhotsk during the drift ice season. These animals include sea angels, seals and other marine wildlife. Rare animals like the Ezo Red Fox and Yezo Deer can occasionally also be seen on land, delighting animal lovers of all ages.

Abashiri is about 5 hours away from Sapporo from train, or 45 min away by aircraft from New Chitose Airport. For a memorable winter getaway slightly off the beaten track, consider the Aurora cruise trip.

Icebreaker Ship Aurora
Address: 5-1 South 3, East 4, Abashiri, Hokkaido
Open everyday from 20th January to 31st March
Fee: Adult 3,300 yen, Children 1,650 yen
Tel: 152-43-6000 (Doutou Kanko Kaihatsu Corporation)

Text: Bonnie Oeni
局办公室:北海道網走市南3条東4丁目5-1 道の駅(流氷街道)
率:成人 3,300円、小学生 1,650円
电话:0152-43-6000 道東観光開発(株)


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