有珠山ロープウェイUsuzan Gondola

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© Wakasa Resort Co., Ltd.

Mt. Usu is an active volcano located in the south of Lake Toya. By taking a ropeway, you can enjoy to view the spectacular landscape of steaming crater and unique geographical forms at the observatory洞爺湖の南に位置する活火山、有珠山。いまも水蒸気を上げる火口や火山特有の地形、展望台からの絶景を大型ロープウェイで登頂し、楽しむことができる。夏だけでなく、秋の紅葉シーズンや雪景色の冬の景観も行楽客に人気だ。




TEL:0142-75-2401(ワカサリゾート株式会社 有珠山事業部)
. Not only in summer, this place will offer you to enjoy the seasonal view in fall for autumn leaves and winter for snow scape.

In 2009 Lake Toya and Mt. Usu are designated as one of UNESCO Geoparks for the first time in Japan. Geoparks are the characteristic geology such as volcanos and faults that should be internationally certified as scientifically, archaeologically, ecologically, and culturally significant.

It is said that Lake Toya was formed by gigantic explosion of the volcano happened about 110,000 years ago. In the area around Mt. Usu, you can see land forms that are unique to volcano, such as Showashinzan, a lateral cone of Mt. Usu which is designated as a special national treasure.

The area is developed and maintained with various institutions for learning volcano such as observation path and Usuzan Gondola for a close volcano experience, and a volcano village of Showashinzan where introduces the devastating power and fear of volcanos.

Usuzan Gondola
Address: 184-5 Aza Showashinzan, Sobetsu-cho, Hokkaido
Fees: Adult 1,450 yen, Children 730 yen
Open: Depends on Seasons
Tel: 0142-75-2401

Translation: Mariko Takei

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