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© Project No.8

© Project No.8

Project No.8 is located in the edge of Lower East Side and it has a special calm atmosphere which makes people want to stay longer. When visiting the store at the first timeロウアー・イーストサイドの中心から外れた場所にオープンしている「プロジェクト・ナンバーエイト」を包む空気はとても心地が良い。それが、商品のディスプレイなのか、照明なのか、はたまた匂いなのか。2005年にエリザベス・ビアーとブライアン・ジャヌシュアクの二人によって創設されたプロジェクト、バリエス・プロジェクト。その中枢を担っているのが、今回紹介するプロジェクト・ナンバーエイトだ。


オリジナルブランドの商品はもちろん、メンズ、レディス店どちらでも扱っているメゾン・マルタン・マルジェラ、BLESS、メンズ店には、伝統のあるトム・ブラウン、新鋭ニューヨークデザイナーのSIKI IMやオーストリアのファブリック・インターシーズン、日本でも定着してきているアダム・キメル、レディスには、アントワープのステファン・シュナイダー、カナダのコンプレックス・ジオメトリーなど、他とは少し違ったヒネリのあるテイストが特徴だ。


Project No.8
住所:138 Division Street, New York, NY 10002
TEL:+1 212 925 4271

Project No.8a
住所:22 W. 29th Street, New York, NY 10001
TEL:+1 212 725 0008

Project No.8b
住所:38 Orchard Street, New York, NY 10002
TEL: +1 212 925 5599

Text: Ryo Miyamoto
, I instantly became a big fan.

Elizabeth Beer and Brian Janusiak formed a multidisciplinary design collaboration called Various Projects in 2005. Project No.8 plays a role as its retail arm. There are currently three stores in New York City, Project No.8 which mainly consists of women’s lines. No. 8b focuses on men’s line, and No.8a is located at famous Ace Hotel as a hotel shop.

Project No.8 is formed not only for their own line Various Projects to experiment its new projects and collaboration but also introducing emerging creators from all over the world in the location of New York which made out of a lot of opportunities.

Both Project No.8 and No 8b carries well-established designers such as Mason Martin Margiela and BLESS. In addition, men’s store No.8b carries New York designer Thom Browne, and up-coming designer Siki Im, Fabrics Interseason from Austria, and Adam Kimmel. You can see Antwerp-based designer Stephan Schneider and Canadian designer Complexgeometries and more in women’s store Project No 8.

There are lovely people working at those stores, and I love seeing their excitement with true smile when talking about pieces they carry. That makes these Project No. 8 series stores are one-of-a-kind stores and make me want to come back to see what they have now.

Project No.8
Address: 138 Division Street, New York, NY 10002
Opening Hours: 13:00-20:00, Tursday-Saturday till 21:00
Closed on Monday
Tel: +1 212 925 4271

Project No.8a
Address: 22 W. 29th Street, New York, NY 10001
Opening Hours: 9:00-21:00, Saturday and Sunday 10:00-20:00
Tel: +1 212 725 0008

Project No.8b
Address: 38 Orchard Street, New York, NY 10002
Opening Hours: 12:00-19:00
Closed on Monday
Tel: +1 212 925 5599

Text: Ryo Miyamoto

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