ヒロミ・タンゴHiromi Tango

Hiromi Tango, Electric Human Chromosomes 1, 2017, Pigment print on paper 80 x 114 cm, Edition of 6 + 2AP

Hiromi Tango, Electric Human Chromosomes 1, 2017, Pigment print on paper 80 x 114 cm, Edition of 6 + 2AP

Originally from Shikoku, Japan, Japanese-Australian artist Hiromi Tango has been living and working in Australia since 1998. Her works have been exhibited not only in Australia but also Singapore and Japan. We had an opportunity to ask her various questions about her ideas on her projects, collaboration works with Craig Walsh (who is her partner for both artistic creation and private life), some advice on traveling in Australia.四国出身で1998年からオーストラリア在住のアーティスト、ヒロミ・タンゴ。オーストラリアだけでなく、シンガポールや日本でも活動する彼女が、作品制作の上で興味のあるテーマや、夫であるアーティスト、クレイグ・ウォルシュとのコラボレーション、オーストラリアへの旅についての質問に答えてくれた。









オーストラリアには素晴らしい美術館やギャラリーがあるので、どこから始めたらいいのかもわかりません。ゴールドコーストエリアに住んでいるのですが、ブリスベンは90年代からアジア・パシフィック・トリエンナーレを開催しています。さらにクイーンズランド近代美術館(QAGOMA) も活気があるし、ダーウィンやキャンベラにはアボリジニアートの素晴らしいコレクションがあります。7月にはケアンズ先住民アートフェアが開催されます。個人的には西オーストラリアやオーストラリア中央部または北部を訪れて、ダイナミックで驚くような自然と景観を経験することがおすすめで す。私自身も今でもオーストラリアの文化や景観を学んでいるのですが、まずはその景観を実際に自分の目で見ることが、固有のアートを理解する上で不可欠だと感じます。

Text: Ayumi Yakura
First of all, please introduce yourself.

I am a Japanese Australian artist, originally from Shikoku island, and have been living in Australia since 1998. I am primarily interested in generating healing conversations and strengthening a sense of connection through arts and performative engagement. I am interested in ‘What it is to be human’ and our delicate relationship with technology and artificial intelligence, and how we maintain the humanity of our engagement.

My studies were in humanity and culture of arts at Japan Women’s University in Tokyo. While living in Tokyo I met artist Craig Walsh, who is now my husband, and we have two young daughters. Sullivan+Strumpf Galleries in Sydney and Singapore have generously represented me since 2013.

What artist is your partner Craig Walsh like?

In many ways, Craig is like an objective observer who asks a question, documents and reflects something back to communities on a larger scale. He often uses video and projection as a means of telling a story, which is quite complementary to my approach.

Can you tell me one episode of an impressive encounter through your exhibitions at an art museum and international exhibitions in different countries and cultures so far?

I have to say the experience of working with Singapore Art Museum, seeing the commitment to realising my vision, how the children’s perspective were so carefully considered, and witnessing the response of the children to the NUS Dance Ensemble performance is one of the best so far.

Are there any recommended places in Australia for travelers who are interested in art?

Australia has wonderful museums and galleries, it is hard to even know where to begin. I reside in the Gold Coast Region. Brisbane has been home to the Asia Pacific Triennale since the 1990s, and has a vibrant Queensland Gallery of Modern Art (QAGOMA), while Darwin and Canberra have some extraordinary collections of Aboriginal Art. There is also the Cairns Indigenous Art Fair happening in July. Personally, I think visiting Western Australia or Central Australia or North Australia and experience the astonishing and dynamic nature and landscape would be highly recommended. I am still learning myself about Australian culture and landscape, but feel that seeing the landscape first-hand is essential to developing an understanding of Indigenous art.

Text: Ayumi Yakura

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