囍宴スウィーツXi Yan Sweets

デザイナー同様、シェフにもクリエイティビティは必要だ。中国レストラン「囍宴」の創設者のジャッキーは、前職の広告業界で磨いてきた創造力を厨房で発揮し、ユニークなアジアンテイストを創作するCreativity is very important for chefs as well as designers when creating their masterpieces. Jacky Yu, the founder of a Chinese restaurant Xi Yan, has brought his creativity 。香港のプライベートダイニングとしてトップ10入りを果たした「囍宴」に加え、シンガポールに支店の「Xi Yan」、そして再び香港にスウィーツ専門店となる「囍宴スウィーツ」をオープンした。料理本の出版やテレビのグルメ番組、新聞や雑誌のコラムなど幅広く活躍する彼が作るアイデアたっぷりのデザートは、静かな佇まいの赤と白を基調にした高級感溢れる空間にて楽しむことができる。

Xi Yan Sweets
住所:Shop 1, G/F, 8 Wing Fung Street, Wanchai, Hong Kong
TEL:+852 2833 6299

Xi Yan
住所:Hang Wai Commercial Building, 3/F, 231-233 Queens Road East, Wanchai, Hong Kong
TEL:+852 2575 6966

Text: Justin Tsui
from his previous job experience of advertising to the kitchen to create a unique fusion of Asian flavors. Originally, Xi Yan was set up as a private kitchen; it was rated to be “one of the top ten private dining” in Hong Kong. After the great success of Xi Yan in Hong Kong, he went to Singapore to set up Xi Yan, Singapore. Furthermore, Jacky has recently established another Xi Yan, Sweets in Hong Kong, which specializes mouth-watering selections of desserts.

Behind the huge success of Xi Yan is the talented chef, Jacky. Not only he has run this private kitchen impressively, he has also published three cookbooks, which have been enormously successful. Jacky also presented himself as a television host for a gourmet television show. On top of it, Jacky shares his thoughts toward food with his columns of different newspapers and magazines. When it comes to cooking, Jacky has his very own distinctive views. He uses his creativity to craft innovative Chinese fusion dishes. He believes that the presentation of the dishes is just as important as the taste, so he likes to garnish his dishes with all the colorful ingredients. Unlike the traditional decoration of some Chinese restaurants in Hong Kong, the cozy setting in Xi Yan, Sweets are decorated in red and white with posh décor. In addition, the paintings on the wall are candy for the eyes. Eating at Xi Yan is definitely an extraordinary eating experience for your sense of sight, smell and taste.

In these two unique Chinese restaurants, Xi Yan and Xi Yan, Sweet, you will have a taste of unusual Asian Cuisine that serves with Jacky’s passions and his creativity.

Xi Yan Sweets
Address: Shop 1, G/F, 8 Wing Fung Street, Wanchai, Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2833 6299

Xi Yan
Address: Hang Wai Commercial Building, 3/F, 231-233 Queens Road East, Wanchai, Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2575 6966

Text: Justin Tsui

电话:+852 2833 6299

电话:+852 2575 6966


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