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M1NT不仅仅是一个传统观念上的会员俱乐部,事实上,M1NT为大都会精英带来了注重隐私又极具豪奢的顶级时尚生活享受,,它将私人会所、酒吧、屋顶露台和全球顶级餐厅结合为一体2003年設立のM1NTは、世界中のキーとなる都市でモダンでプライベートなメンバーズオンリーのクラブを、資本ある個人に向けたニーズを満たすべく展開し、立場を同じくするビジネスマンや社会的に著名な人が出会い楽しめる唯一の環境Founded in 2003, M1NT was created to satisfy the ill-served needs of high-net worth individuals by offering modern private membership clubs in key cities around the worldを提供。それぞれの都市にあるM1NTは、クラブの顧客が出資。このクラブのビジネスの一部を250人の株主が所有し、利益の一定割合を受けつつ、年間会員費なしで、生涯会員として楽しむ事ができる。

250人の株主に加え、1000人の従来会員の申込を受け付けている。従来会員は、年会費を支払い、クラブの利益の一定割合は受け取れない。1000人の会員は、入札される株を待つウェイティングリストを形成している。この株への需要過剰は、ロンドンでの開始後1年半の間に£1.60から £3.60まで値を上げた。


住所:108 Hollywood Road, Central, Hong Kong
TEL:+852 2261 1111
, offering an exclusive environment where like-minded business people and prominent members of society can meet and entertain guests.

The concept created by “M1NT Global Holdings” allows a select niche of mid-to-high net worth individuals to enjoy exclusive facilities – the likes of which have never been seen before – in addition to owning part of the most exclusive club in the world.

M1NT in each city is owned by the club’s patrons; 250 individual shareholders own a portion of the club’s business and receive a percentage of the company’s profits whilst enjoying life-long membership without annual membership fees.

In addition to the 250 shareholders, 1,000 traditional membership applications are accepted. Traditional members pay an annual fee and do not receive a percentage of the club’s profits. The 1,000 members form a waiting list for shares which are bid for, once they become available. This excess demand for shares is what increased the price from £1.60 to £3.60 in the first 18 months of opening in London.

M1NT was launched in London in 2005 followed by Hong Kong in November 2006. M1NT plans to expand to 8 locations including Shanghai, Melbourne, Singapore and Dubai by 2010.

M1NT Hong Kong is steered by a board of directors

Address: 108 Hollywood Road, Central, Hong Kong
Opening Hours: 18:00 – (Saturday from 19:00-)
Closed on Sunday and Monday
Tel: +852 2261 1111
,以及M1NT最著名的超大型水族缸,在其中将游弋着M1NT标志性的珍稀鲨鱼。 M1NT无疑是品味鉴赏家们享受美食佳酿,舒放身心,尽享上海奢华生活的绝佳私密场所。


电话:+852 2261 1111

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