キャットストリート・ギャラリーThe Cat Street Gallery

© The Cat Street Gallery

© The Cat Street Gallery

The Cat Street Gallery is one of the most prominent and popular contemporary art galleries in Hong Kong. Since it was established in 2006, the gallery has been representing established names such as Peter Blake, Guy Maestri, Debbie Han andキャットストリート・ギャラリーは香港で人気のあるコンテンポラリーアートギャラリーの一つである。2006年の設立以来、ピーター・ブレイク、ガイ・マエストリ、デビー・ハン、マーク・デンステッダー等の著名なアーティストから、メラニー・コーマー、チャールス・ムンカ、デニス・ハフ等の若手アーティストまで幅広く取り扱ってきた。


The Cat Street Gallery
住所:222 Hollywood Road, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
TEL:+852 2291 0006

Text: Kanae Tamase
Mark Demsteader as well as emerging artists from the world including Melanie Comber, Charles Munka and Denice Hough.

The Cat Street Gallery is located in the NOHO area, which has been developed as a new area for not only galleries, but also restaurants and shops over the past few years. The gallery is designed with floor-to-ceiling windows to draw the attention of the passers-by, and you will definitely love this gallery.

The Cat Street Gallery
Address: 222 Hollywood Road, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
Opening Hours: 11:00-19:00 (Closed on Sunday)
Tel: +852 2291 0006

Text: Kanae Tamase

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