Kartio Tumbler 20 cl., 34 cl. © Iittala

Kartio Tumbler 20 cl., 34 cl. © Iittala

Iittala gets its name from its humble origins as a glass factory in Iittala, Finland, in 1881, since that time it has expanded into other types of products such as ceramics and opened shops worldwide. However, it is nice to remember thatイッタラという名前は、1881年からフィンランドのイッタラに小さいガラス工場があったことからきている。以来、イッタラは陶器のような他種の製品で発展し、世界中にショップをオープンしてきた。とはいえ、この名前はイッタラがフィンランドの小さな町から生まれたこと、未だにフィンランドに強く根付いていることを思い出させてくれる。今日、イッタラにはミュージアムや、ガラス吹き職人たちの仕事が見られるガラス工房がある。それに加え、ヘルシンキにあるアラビア博物館では、工房の始まりから今日までに制作されたものを見ることができる。





住所:8 Keskuskatu, 00100 Helsinki
TEL:+358 (0)105 345 000

Text: Mike Sullivan
Translation: Yuki Sato
this company originated in a small town in Finland and still retains strong roots to this country, today there is a museum in Iittala as well as a glassworks where it is possible to see the glassblowers at work. In addition in Helsinki there is the Arabia Museum where you can see the objects that have been produced since the beginning of the factory to today.

In a world full of mass produced products the reason that Iittala stands out so much is due to the exquisite designs of the items for sale, and the designers who are constantly striving to push forward to boundaries of what can be achieved. They pride themselves on their timeless design and have even set up their own community, Myiittala, who are passionate fans of the brand.

This is complimented by a section on their website dedicated to designers. You can see who designed your latest purchase, learn about them and also see what else they have designed. It is special touches like this which help make Iittala a more personal brand choice and which promotes interactivity between designers and shoppers.

The products themselves are divided into three main groups, tableware, cookware and home interior which allow people to create homes full of well designed items. It is a terrific blend of everyday home living and art, it helps us to view the things we use every day as pieces of art which can be appreciated and brings pleasure to own such beautiful products.

It is possible to find Iittala in at least one shop everywhere around the world as well as actual Iittala shops in a few European countries and also two in Tokyo, Japan. However, it is important to remember the origins of everything that we buy and as such it is better to travel to Helsinki and visit the shops here, and more importantly to go to Iittala and see the glassblowers at work for yourself.

Address: 8 Keskuskatu, 00100 Helsinki
Opening hours: 10:00 – 19:00 (Saturday till 17:00, Sunday 12:00 – 17:00)
Tel: +358 (0)105 345 000

Text: Mike Sullivan

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