一風堂 大名本店Ippudo

© Ippudo

© Ippudo

IPPUDO is a Ramen noodle restaurant which was opened in 1985 by an owner Shigemi Kawahara. As IPPUDO openend store in the Ramen Museum, the world’s first food them park in March 1994「一風堂」が産声を上げたのは1985年。1994年に世界初のフードテーマパーク「新横浜ラーメン博物館」に出店したことで、一風堂ブランドと「豚骨ラーメン」は一気に全国区となり、現在の店舗数は約40店に及ぶ

一風堂 大名本店
, the IPPUDO brand and Tonkotsu ramen came to be known nationwide. There are now about 40 branches throughout Japan including Fukuoka, the base city of its origin.
As a revolutionary flag bearer, the team of IPPUDO constantly seeks changes. As the result the owner Kawahara impacted the industry with his original interior designs and Tonkotsu (pork based) ramen. The refined interior was designed with natural materials of sand, stones and trees, and added tabels made out of Camphorwood, and inside the store you can enjoy eating Ramen with listening jazz music. The attention to detail and hospitable service resulted to create ground-breaking innovations to the ramen industry. In March 2008 they opened the first international branch IPPUDO NY in 65 Fourth Ave, New York to introduce one of Japan’s national dishes to the world culture.

Address: 1-13-14 Daimyo, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka
Opening Hous: 11:00-0:00 (Friday and Saturday till 2:00)
Tel: 092-771-0880
一风堂 大名本店

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