Over 90 per cent of the population of Dubai are foreign expatriates, meaning that fashion trends can be very diverse. In terms of native fashion, it is mandatory for UAE nationals to wear their national dress of a white dishdasha (for men) and a black abaya and hijab (headscarf) for women. Although the clothing is restrictive in terms of creating an identity, many women personalise their abaya with jewel studs, flower stitches and luxury brand logos. So called ‘Dubai style’ is definitely developing its own character. - Mamiko Kawakami
  • Gold Souk

    ゴールド・スークGold Souk

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    Dubai’s early economic development from a village settlement came from pearl fishing, gold trading and jewellery markets. Nowadays, you can visit upmarket diamond jewelleryとある村から始まったドバイの初期の経済発展はパール・フィッシング、金取引や宝石マーケットが発端である。今日、ドバイの全てのモールで高級ダイヤモンド/宝飾店は目にするが

  • S*uce


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    Jumeirah Jane is a nickname for Dubai expats wives who have both time and money to spend on their peculiar fashion tastes. A little but quirky shop called S*uce opened 2004 in a mall on their own turf, Jumeirahジュメイラジェーンのニックネームで呼ばれるドバイ外国人駐在員妻たちは、こだわりのファッションに使う時間もお金も持ち合わせている。そんな彼女達の“庭”、ジュメイラのとあるモールに、S*uce(ソース)という名の

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