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© At.mosphere

Once in your lifetime (or more if you are lucky), take your high tea experience to the next level – specifically, to the 122nd level of the world’s tallest building. At.mosphere, located 422m up the 828m Burj Khalifa, added another Guinness World Record in the shape of the world highest restaurant, to Dubai’s already proud list.一生に一度はドバイのアフタヌーンティー「ハイティー」を、それも世界一高いビルの122階で楽しんでみるというのはいかがだろうか。At.mosphere(アトモスフィア)は、高さ828mのブルジュ・ハリファの422mに位置し、世界一高いところにあるレストランとしてもギネス世界記録に認定されている。


メニューに並ぶ値段もこの並みならない体験にふさわしく、ディナー(コース、6品)だと 680dhs(約20,400円 ※)から、1,980dhs(コース、7品、オリジナルワイン込み。)窓際の席を指定するには一人 880dhs(約26,400円 ※)以上、それ以外の席でも 一人頭、最低680dhs 分のミニマムオーダーが設定されている。もう少しリーズナブルな価格で利用したい場合には、ラウンジサイド席でハイティー、朝食・ランチなども楽しむことができる。(※1dhs=30円換算)


住所:122nd Floor, Burj Khalifa, 1 Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Blvd, Downtown Dubai, Dubai
レストラン:12:30〜14:30 / 18:30~22:30
営業時間:7:00~11:00 / 12:00~16:30 / 17:00~02:00
ドレスコード: スマートカジュアル(スニーカーやTシャツ、サンダルなどは不可)
TEL:+971 4 888 3828

Text: Mami Kawakami
Translation: Natsu Horii
Going through the stylish Armani Hotel lobby, a fast and smooth lift ride will take you to the 123rd floor. Then to the At.mosphere restaurant and lounge entrance, you will walk down the stairs where you can already enjoy astonishing views.

Inevitably, the jaw-dropping experience comes with a jaw-dropping bill. Dinner bill can be from 680dhs (20,400 yen *Dhs1=30 yen) for a six-course meal, to 1,980dhs for seven courses, with signature wine. There is no settling for just a coffee, either, with a minimum spend of 880dhs per person for a window seat, or 680dhs for a non-window seat.  More reasonable options are available at the lounge side, for breakfast, lunch and high tea.

If you can’t stretch to a window seat, you can still enjoy the luxurious and chic interior design by Adam D Tihany, one of the greatest American interior architects and the originator of the title ‘restaurant designer.’ And don’t forget to pay a visit to the washrooms, which also have fantastic sky view.

Address: 122nd Floor, Burj Khalifa, 1 Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Blvd, Downtown Dubai, Dubai
Restaurant: 12:30-14:30 / 18:30-22:30
Opening hours: 7:00-11:00 / 12:00-16:30 / 17:00-02:00
Reservation: Compulsory
Dresscode: Smart casual (no trainers, t-shirts, sandals etc)
Children under 10 are only allowed for breakfast time
*Check the website for details in advance
Tel: +971 4 888 3828

Text: Mami Kawakami

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