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© Usina del arte

© Usina del arte

Located near the port in Boca district, this red-brick building in terracotta style sends you back to a different era. The building occupies a 7500 square meters siteボカ地区の港近くに、テラコッタ風の赤レンガ造りの建物が、当時の名残をとどめている。1914年から1916年の間に7500平方メートルの敷地内に建てられたこの建物は当時は電力会社の所有物だった。しかし、1990年代のアルゼンチン国内の公共サービスの私有化が原因で放置され、長年忘れ去られたままだった。アルゼンチン政府とブエノスアイレス市の協力により、建物の修復と新たな文化施設の設立を念願に2007年から工事を開始。2012年に現在の形として完成した。




Usina del arte
住所:Agustín Caffarena 1, Esquina Avenue, Pedro de Mendoza, La Boca, Buenos Aires

Text: Mami Goda
, having been built between 1914 and 1916 by a power company. After the privatization of public services in Argentina in the 1990s, this building was completely abandoned and forgotten about for a long time. Thanks to a collaborative effort between the City of Buenos Aires and the Argentinian government, the restoration started in the building. Renovations began in 2007 in order to accommodate new cultural facilities. Construction work was finalized in its current form in 2012.

It now holds a concert hall, which boasts 1200 seats. Audio set-up was done by the same group of engineers engaged in the audio equipment renewal at Teatro Colon’s restoration. This hall, which is used as a venue for tango, jazz and milonga festivals in Buenos Aires, has received many famous ballerinas and musicians.

In addition to the concert hall, the Usina del Arte also has its own exhibition space. Since May 25th of 2012, the work of one of the most renowned Argentine contemporary artists, Leandro Elrich’s “Edificio / building ” has been on display. This interactive work involves the audience using visual artifacts and has become the main featured work of this new cultural site.

Along with Mamba and Macba in San Telmo district and Proa in Boca district, it has become one of the new major facilities for the art scene in southern Buenos Aires.

Usina del arte
Address: Agustín Caffarena 1, Esquina Avenue, Pedro de Mendoza, La Boca, Buenos Aires
Opening Hours: 11:00 – 18: 00 (Saturday, Sunday 12:00 – 20:00)
Closed on Monday

Text: Mami Goda

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