Photo: Celeste Najt

Photo: Celeste Najt

A few metres away from the Buenos Aires Botanical Gardens there is a petit hotel dating from the first decade of the 20th century where the Evita Museumエビータとは、貧しい少女時代を送り、後に女優となり、労働者階級に大きな貢献を果たしたペロン大統領夫人にまで登りつめた伝説的女性エバ・ペロンの愛称である。彼女は、女性の参選権獲得や労働者の権利を認めるなど大きな業績を残している。



住所:2988 Lafinur Street, Recoleta, Buenos Aires
TEL:+54 4807 0306

Text and photo: Celeste Najt
Translation: Yuki Mine
functions nowadays. This building – of Italian-Spanish Renaissance style – used to be the headquarters of the Fundación Ayuda Social Eva Perón (Eva Perón’s Social Aid Foundation), a temporary home for mothers and children coming from the interior of the country.

In 2006 – on the 50th anniversary of Evita’s death – Cristina Álvarez Rodríguez opened this museum that has 3 floors and 13 exhibition rooms which, by means of photographs, press archives, objects and garments, string together the tale of Evita’s life..

Evita was a young local actress who met Juan Domingo Perón – the first Argentinean president to give benefits to the working classes – and married him.

From then onwards, Eva became a social icon, giving women the right to vote and recognizing the rights of workers. The tale presented by the museum is quite interesting, since through preserved pieces and photographs we are brought close to the world of a woman who not only knew how to be a politician, but also how to be well-loved by her people.

Within the museum the Instituto Nacional de Investigaciones Históricas Eva Perón (National Institute of Historical Investigation Eva Perón) functions, with a library and newspaper library that can be consulted. In addition, there is a café-restaurant with an independent entrance, where you can spend a nice time before or after walking around the impressive history of this unique woman.

Address: 2988 Lafinur Street, Recoleta, Buenos Aires
Open: 11:00-19:00 (Closed on Sunday)
Tel: +54 4807 0306

Text and photo: Celeste Najt
地址:2988 Lafinur Street, Recoleta, Buenos Aires
电话:+54 4807 0306

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