The city of Salta is located in the Northwest of Argentina at 1200m of elevation. The city attracts people with a lot of important colonial architecture. Both the Cathedral built in the late 19th centuryアルゼンチン北西部、標高1200mに位置するサルタは、コロニアル調の町並みの美しい都市。7月9日広場には19世紀後半に建てられた大聖堂やカビルド(旧市庁舎)、また1ブロック先には赤・黄・灰色のファサードが目を引くサンフランシスコ教会(17世紀)など、中心部の至る所に歴史的建造物が見られる。



もう一つサルタ観光で忘れてはならないのが “雲の列車” (Tren a las nubes) だ。標高1200mのサルタ市を出発した後は雲の上、標高4200mの所まで走行する。およそ15時間かけて434kmを進む間に、29の橋、21のトンネル、13の高架橋を通る。天候の関係で夏季は運行しておらず、他の時期も週に1度の運行なので事前予約は必須である。

Text: Mami Goda
and the Cabildo (ancient city government office) are located at 9 of July Square (Plaza 9 de Julio). Saint Francisco church (17th century), richly decorated by red, yellow and gray colors is 1block from the central square. Most of historical architecture is concentrated in the central part of the city.

Balcarce Street in the downtown area is full of restaurants and bars and always filled with people who come and enjoys their nightlife. Don’t miss the Peñas, bars where you can enjoy the traditional foods from Northern Argentina as well as traditional folklore music and dance. The street becomes a vehicle free-promenade and a craft market place on the weekend.

The province of Salta is a rich reservoir of diverse nature such as valleys and salt lake. To visit these areas, you can rent a car and arrange an itinerary with your own selected routes or choose to a round-trip service which operates some optional excursions from the city.

For example, one route offers a visit of Calchaquies Valley for Cachi, a village famous for its colonial style; another takes you to “Salinas Grandes” (salt lake), located astride the Jujuy and Salta provinces. Even if a little bit smaller than Uyuni salt lake of Bolivia, It’s an area of 525km2 at a height of 3350m above sea level.

The other important highlight of Salta is “Train to the Clouds” (Tren a las nubes). The train starts at Salta (1200m elevation) and reaches at 4200 m elevation over the clouds. The train runs 434km in almost fifteen hours during which it passes 29 bridges, 21 tunnels, and 13 viaducts. As the rail is closed during summer and even in the other seasons runs once a week, the advanced reservations are strongly required.

Text: Mami Goda

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