プエルト・マデロ地区Puerto Madero Area

Puerto Madero is a relatively new urban project that has made a huge contribution to the tourism industry in Buenos Aires. The Buenos Aires harbour used to be in this area近年都市開発が進むプエルトマデロ地区。この地域は、すでにブエノスアイレスの観光産業に大きな功績をもたらしている。今から20年弱前、町と河川を統合する計画が立ち上がった 。そして1990年代から2000年代に掛けて大幅な開発が進められ、16のドックが再建されて一つの集まりとして編成された。これらドックがあるアリシア・モロー・デ・ジュスト通りは、アルゼンチンの著名な女性社会主義運動者の名前にちなんでいる。またブエノスアイレス港も以前はこの地区に存在していた。





Text: Celeste Najt
Translation: Yuki Mine

Less than 20 years ago a project began with the aim of integrating the city and the river. That is how on Alicia Moreau de Justo Ave. 16 docks have been rebuilt, and thematically grouped. From dock 1 to 8 there are restaurants of high quality gastronomy – Bice, Cabaña Las Lilas, La Bisteca, Itamae Sushi, among others, as well as Fast Food restaurants and ice-cream parlours.

Between docks 9 and 12 you can find the UCA, the Argentine Catholic University, where different graduate courses are offered and the Fine Arts Pavilion, where exhibitions are held.

In the rest of the docks there is a mixture of office buildings, blocks of flats, cinema complexes and more gastronomic services. In dock 3 the impressive Woman’s Bridge – by Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava – and The Fragata Sarmiento Museum, where it is possible to discover the history of Buenos Aires. All these docks overlook a canal in which there are boats that offer a terrific view from the restaurants or the paths bordering the water.

On the other side of the canal, there is an area of hotels – high standing hotels such as the Hilton or the Faena Suites & Universe – new parks in which landscape gardening borders on perfection and Fortabat Foundation with its interesting art exhibits.

Finally, nearing the riverbank we find the Ecological Reservation, which is located on land reclaimed from the river. A great number of birds and plant species live together in this place, which is ideal to go for a walk or exercise in an unpolluted environment.

Plan a day of relaxation and pleasure in this area that has been especially designed, seeking to offer visitors all they need to feel well. It is ideal to have lunch after walking around the docks, visiting a museum and the Ecological Reservation, and why not staying in one of those impressive hotels.

Text: Celeste Najt

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