ガリレオ・ガリレイ・プラネタリウムPlanetarium Galileo Galilei

The impressive Planetarium Galileo Galilei was founded in the year 1968 in Tres de Febrero Park, near the Palermo lakes. This building, the work of architect Enrique Jan, is one of the few around the world that1968年、パレルモ湖のほとりにあるトレス・デ・フェブレロ公園内に建てられたガリレオ・ガリレイ・プラネタリウム。建築家エンリケ・ハンによる印象的な建物は、世界でも数少ない正三角形の組み合わせによって構築されており、幾何学的な建物の形状は象徴主義との関係を伴っている。







Planetarium Galileo Galilei
住所:Sarmiento Ave and Belisario Roldán, Palermo, Buenos Aires
開館時間:13:00〜16:30(土・日・祝日 14:00〜18:00)
TEL:+54 11 4771 9393/6629

Text: Celeste Najt
Translation: Eiko Kondo
has been planned and built from an equilateral triangle. The architectural choice of this geometric shape involves an especially sought symbolism. It is the most perfect plane surface that can be made with the minimum equal sides and holding within it a symbolic principle of original unity. These sequential conditions introduced to the whole development of the architectural project have been the ruling idea bringing together and showing the intimate relationship between the parts and the whole, suggesting what has happened from the first elemental (matter) particle until that cosmic development in which we are immerse – its creator explains.

The building has five floors, six staircases (a spiral one) and a 20m round room with 360 seats. This semi-spherical dome is covered in the inside by aluminium sheaths, which function as a screen. In the centre, its heart: the real planetarium. The building is accessed through a bridge to get around the vacuum of a huge pot, 47m in diameter, from the bottom of which the architectural volumes emerge, isolated from one another by a big water mirror. In the stone slates on the entrance path, which have been brought back from Neuquén, there are ammonites, maritime fossils that have been extinct for about 100 million years.

On the second floor there is the projection room, in the centre of which there is a planetarium instrument, a 5m-high apparatus weighing 2.5 tons. Around one hundred auxiliary projectors complete the projection. The building has two basements. On the first basement there is a specialized library.

The Planetarium offers projections of different documentaries on the solar system and on astronomy in general, and thematic exhibitions, as well as several activities for children and adults, which vary from one month to the next.

The planetarium is a magical place where the activities are surprising and promote general interest, while its building possesses a very special charm, so that on entering, visitors feel they are about to embark on a journey in a spaceship, towards space.

Planetarium Galileo Galilei
Address: Sarmiento Ave and Belisario Roldán, Palermo, Buenos Aires
Opening Hours: 13:00-16:30, Saturday, Sunday and holidays 14:00-18:00
Closed on Monday
Tel: +54 11 4771 9393/6629

Text: Celeste Najt

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