パレルモ競馬場Palermo Hippodrome

Photo: Celeste Najt

Photo: Celeste Najt

Buenos Aires has two very important racecourses: the one in San Isidro and the one in Palermo. The latter is located on Libertador Avenue and it is a centre of constant activityサンイシドロにある競馬場と並んでブエノスアイレスの二大競馬場と称される「パレルモ競馬場」。リベルタドール大通りにあるこの競馬場は、通行人の目を引く外観が特徴であり、競馬場沿いの通りからはその象徴的なメインの芝コースが見える。




Palermo Hippodrome
住所:4101 Av. Del Libertador, Palermo, Buenos Aires

Text: Celeste Najt
Translation: Yuki Mine
. Its voluptuous appearance calls the attention of passers-by, and the really impressive main turf course can be seen from the side street.

Every year there are 120 Equestrian Meetings, among which the following are to be highlighted:
The Argentina Republic Great Prize – which takes place between April and May -, the Filly Bet Great Prize; the Colt Bet Great Prize -in September-, the Selection Great Prize -in October- and the Great National Prize – in November.

The Palermo Racecourse has three ‘cava’ sand courses. Two of them are exclusively used for training and knocking down horses, whereas the main racecourse, which is 2,400 metres long and 28 metres wide, is used for racing and is fitted out for training. This course is considered one of the best in the world and it has a natural drainage system, which allows activity on rainy days.

The Racecourse building is classic style inspired in French architecture of the 18th century; its different areas are: the official stand, the paddock and the special stand; the Oval Room, the restaurant and the Paris tearoom. These two last spaces allow customers to watch the races while enjoying a snack or a main course. The Slots Rooms where there are over 2000 slot machines provide further attraction.

Anyone can visit the Racecourse, although it is the place for those who bet on horses. Tickets are cheap.
Both the recreational activities offered at the Racecourse and its architectural framework, an antique platform significant for national history render the pleasure and the entertainment of this sight twofold.

Palermo Hippodrome
Address: 4101 Av. Del Libertador, Palermo, Buenos Aires

Text: Celeste Najt
Palermo Hippodrome
地址:4101 Av. Del Libertador, Palermo, Buenos Aires

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